The Top Uses of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” in Movies or TV

One of the most well known songs in music history, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ is a tune that’s been likened to a war cry and has been used as such in movies and TV thanks to its distinctive sound and very intentional lyrics. Giving voice to the sound of Norse mythology and bringing forth the idea of Valhalla and all that comes with it managed to strengthen the song in such a way that it’s become something of a favored tune for many since it was created. In some ways it’s allowed some to become possessive of it, such as when Jack Black claimed that Thor: Ragnarok stole the song after it was used so well in School of Rock. At least Jack Black was joking around.

Seriously, the song is one of the best ever created, and was written while the band was touring around Iceland, Bath, and Germany.

5. Thor: Ragnarok

The third installment in the story of the thunder god is probably the hardest to take since watching Thor’s iconic hammer being destroyed by an older sister he didn’t even know about is kind of rough. It wasn’t believed that there were many that could achieve such a feat. But when he’s forced to fight for his father’s kingdom and ultimately lose it, spoilers, he and his people have to find safe haven elsewhere.

4. Shrek the Third

As it should, this song usually comes when a great deal of conflict is about to befall the main characters of a story. In Shrek the Third Prince Charming has returned and is threatening to take over the kingdom of Far Far Away. With Shrek out looking for the next heir to the throne and Charming’s army taking over, it’s up to Fiona and the other princesses to do what they can in order to make sure there’s a kingdom to come back to.

3. Life On Mars

This show is kind of a mind bender since the main character gets hit by a car and then suddenly awakens and finds himself working for a different agency than he remembered, and one rank lower than before he got hit. The year is apparently different but it still feels as though he might have traveled back in time, died, or is still comatose and dreaming the entire thing. It only lasted for sixteen episodes but it still sounds very interesting.

2. School of Rock

In the real world I think Jack Black would get locked up without question no matter how good his intentions were. Granted, he did a lot to help the kids and break them out of their pre-ordained shells, but he also did it in a way that could have endangered them as well. That alone would send most parents into a frenzy and have them calling for his head as well as his job. But in the spirit of movie-making it was at least entertaining and somewhat educational, on a very different level.

1. Led Zeppelin

Because sometimes no one does it better than the originators of the song, this clip had to be added in. Led Zeppelin was great in a time when music was still raw and had enough emotion in it to change the world in a way. There’s still music like that out there, but their era is something that might not come again for a good long while, if ever.

Honestly, Immigrant Song is one of the best tracks ever written.

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