Awesome Cover of The Masked Devil Theme from Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden

Now that you’ve listened to the Masked Devil Theme Cover from Ninja Gaiden, which was arguably one of the more fun games of its time, listen to the original and see just how how beefed up the cover made the music. You might be amazed to remember just how little ‘oomph’ there was in the original since video game music used to be pretty weak even if we happened to think that it was sheer awesomeness put there to pump us up and intensify the situation. Remember those days? Some people would focus solely on the game and not even worry about the music while others would allow that beat, however weak it was, to propel them forward and keep their nerves on edge as they tried to beat each level. Ah yes, those were the days when games were still fairly simple compared to the online slugfests we have now where people buy what they need to annihilate their enemies rather than earning it, but ah well. The cover for Ninja Gaiden is pretty impressive since it shows that the person performing it has quite the ear for music and what it would take to reproduce the sound and create a bit more of a robust feeling to it.

Back in the late 80s Ninja Gaiden made its debut if any of us can recall, and for a lot of gamers it was a rather fun game since ninjas were insanely popular in games and in other popular media at the time. To tell the truth the ninja has been a popular media icon for a long time and really hasn’t dropped out of the public eye for a long, long time now. The games have kind of come and gone throughout the years as more dynamic and engaging adventures have come along, but the whole idea of the ninja is still something that manages to get a lot of people excited since the whole idea that’s been built up behind it has proven to be highly endearing given what a ninja is supposed to be all about. Stealth, deadly force, and a clandestine mission that are all rolled into one exciting adventure that forces the gamer to employ all their skills and sometimes an inordinate amount of patience since the games can be a little difficult at times. Ninja Gaiden doesn’t have a seriously complex story line, but it’s plot has been enticing enough to keep people coming back and to create a fan base throughout the years that haven’t totally forgotten what it’s all about. Daniel Kurland of ScreenRant has a list of items that you might not have known about the game.

OG gamers, if they’re still calling themselves by this moniker these days, will recognize that Ninja Gaiden, despite not being THE most popular game in the world, is still one of those that vexed some people with various levels and excited others since the movements and the attacks were exciting and brought a different level of gaming to people that they wanted to see. Of course things kept moving forward and the game had to evolve to keep up with them, which included the music and the story. But getting nostalgic about this game is easy since it was one of the more dynamic gaming experiences of its day and it was a rather popular title that upon coming out did gain a lot of attention and a lot of notoriety for a while. But like all things it eventually faded and even the release of a couple of sequels didn’t serve to bring it back to the prominence that it had initially enjoyed. Thankfully though it didn’t go away since the interest was still great enough to produce further titles and keep the fans happy by allowing it to stick around. And yes, the music did get better as time went on given that the soundtracks to any and every game started to include music that was professionally done, included more than a constantly repeating track, and was a lot easier to listen to as a part of the game rather than a minor annoyance that didn’t stop until the game was over or until the character moved into another area.

There are a lot of good memories when it comes to older games since those of us that were there and enjoyed them first are usually the ones that can still recall just how tough some of them appeared to be back in the day, even if now they’re exceedingly simple since by comparison today’s games are impossibilities that require hours of play and serious analytical prowess to finish. Ninja Gaiden is a straight on beat ’em-up game by comparison but it’s still a great deal of fun since playing it reminds those that had the pleasure of experiencing it first just what it was like as the gaming world was swiftly changing and evolving to the demands of the gamers.

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