This is Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Performed On Two Musical Calculators

This is Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Performed On Two Musical Calculators

To be honest I don’t know as I’ve ever seen calculators that make such musical sounds in my life. But that was definitely Hey Now, You’re A Rockstar, by Smashmouth. The most I ever remember of a calculator was the high-pitched whistle I made when I had to shell out a whopping $100 bucks for a graphing calculator that I used for one term and never saw again until I moved. But this is something different that I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting.

It leaves me wondering how someone came across this ability. It had to be someone with at least half an ear for music that would manage to divine just how to play this tune on both of these calculators at the same time, and then someone who’s ambidextrous to make it happen. Think about the type of concentration you’d have to exhibit to keep both calculators going at once and be on the same needed key at the same time. That’s pretty cool to think about and it would have been cool to watch in person.

Of course the thought is that someone might have had a little too much free time and decided to see what they could do to pass the time. That seems to be the way these kind of things go more often than not. Someone sitting around studying, or doing homework, or just something or other, gets it in their head to dink around with their calculator and the next thing you know they’re jamming out to whatever tune they can remember well enough to replicate with the simple sounds of their device. Hopefully it’s not an urge that strikes while in the library or the classroom however.

There are a lot of videos circulating around now about calculators being used to play different songs. It’s a talent that a lot of people seem to be developing and one that might eventually become a competition of sorts. It’d be an odd one to be sure but I can honestly see it happening if these videos get to circulating enough. You know there are competitions for just about everything these days so why not this?

All in all it’s kind of an impressive skill since it does take an ear for music as I mentioned and the ability to pick out the keys and what sound they make.  After all music is a kind of equation if you want to look at it in a very logical perspective. The notes that are need are almost like a formula that needs each component to work in the manner that is required to make the final product actually work and flow in a way that can create a successful rhythm that can then be replicated. I would still say it’s something you need to feel, but when performing on a pair of calculators it seems more feasible to say that you’d need to hear every key and make certain that they’re in the proper order before you can feel it.


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