The Top Uses of Galactic Songs in Movies or TV

Galactic is a hard band to pin down so far as their sound goes since they’ve moved from a kind of New Orleans funk to a more modern style that includes elements of hip hop, electronica, fusion, and jazz. They’ve had a slew of musicians perform on their albums and they’ve undergone changes to their roster over the years that has really altered their sound a bit. Since 2007 they’ve been producing their own albums, which gives them a lot more creative freedom to explore what they want to do and even invite other musicians to jam with them. They’re even known for inviting local bands to jam with them onstage during live concerts.

They sound like a cool bunch of guys really.

5. Spiderman: Homecoming-Cineramascope

The latest in the Spider-Man saga, this film was more about Peter Parker, who already had his powers, adjusting to a life spent trying to stop villains from doing their thing within the city and being a regular high school student. It went backwards just a bit from the other two series even though it was  step forward, if that makes sense. In other words Peter Parker had already lost his uncle, he was already Spider-Man, but he hadn’t gotten together with MaryJane yet and was still figuring his life out.

4. KEXP-Hey Na Na

KEXP is a Seattle-based radio station so obviously the guys have moved around a bit and made their way out to the west coast in their endeavors, which is pretty cool. The west has been very accepting of the jazz and funk genres so it’s not much surprise to see that they’d be accepted within the region. You could argue that the west coast accepts a wide variety of music but more and more funk and jazz are being welcomed into the fold.

3. Galactic-Do It Again

You can really hear how the many different elements of the band’s music kind of collide and threaten to undermine the overall integrity but then it becomes apparent that they’re working together no matter how discordant they sound. That has to be the jazz element in the music that makes it this way, but that’s just my guess. You almost have to see the pattern behind their music before really getting into it.

2. KEXP-Heart of Steel

They did a few songs while up in the Emerald City and I do believe that the DJ was loving every second of it since it’s not all that often that you get real jazz musicians up in the studio to do a live jam I would think. I could be wrong but this still seems like it would be a treat to listen to, and one that doesn’t come around all that often. Listening to them on the radio and off their album is great but nothing beats live music in person.

1. Blade Studios-Going Down Slowly

I kind of wonder at this point how many studios and radio stations these guys frequent on an annual basis. It’s a good thing really since it allows them to get their sound out to more and more people that might like what they hear. They might not be the most well known band in the US but that might be the way they want it in terms of their fan base.

Their style of music is great but it’s not quite mainstream, which is how their fans might like it.

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