The Andor Disney+ Series Has Finished Filming

If there’s one upcoming Star Wars Disney+ I’m not too excited for, it’s the Andor series. I think many Star Wars fans would agree, due to the fact that the character isn’t exactly in the top ten greatest Star Wars characters debate. He was on the suicide squad team from Rogue One and the rebellion agent responsible for bringing the group together. Basically, he was Rick Flagg, only his bringing together of the team was more coincidental. And just like the rest of the team from Rogue One, Cassian Andor perished to obtain the plans for the Death Star. He died a hero’s death, along with his fellow rebels. So that’s the end of his story, right? Well, not exactly. Why have his story end there when you can give him his own Disney+ series? Now I’m not sure if I’d give that particular character his own television series. He didn’t really last too long in the overall story of the franchise and his characterization wasn’t very flushed out. However, for what we did see from him in Rogue One, he did have an intriguing backstory behind him. As a rebel agent, he was responsible for doing the wet work that required him to get his hands dirty. So he wasn’t on the front lines holding back legions of Stormtroopers, he was going behind the enemy lines doing espionage work. And as we could tell from watching Rogue One, these kind of operations for the rebellion deeply affected him.

These are the kind of things we can probably expect to see in the Andor series. Just think of it as a spy/thriller show set in the Star Wars universe. That’s something we haven’t seen before in any Star Wars movie or show, so this can be good. Cassian Andor may not be too popular of a character and his appearance in Rogue One may not have fully warranted his own Disney+ series, but I’ll admit, I do like the concept. I think this is something that can make a good mark on the franchise, but let’s wait and see. Speaking of which, Diego Luna, the actor behind the Cassian Andor character, has confirmed that the Andor series has finished filming. There’s still no set released date for it, but it will come out sometime next year. With the news that the series has wrapped up filming, it’s safe to assume the actual release date will likely be in early 2022. Just a side note here, but aren’t you all more excited for the upcoming Obi-Wan series? I mean, how can you not be stoked for the return of Ewan McGregor? That will probably be released closer to mid-2022, but for now, we’ll have to settle for the Andor series.

That’s all fine and dandy, but I do wonder what we can expect other than the whole spy-style genre in Star Wars? Well, according to Diego Luna, we can expect to see some old familiar faces in the Andor series. We know that Forrest Whitaker will return to reprise his role as guerrilla fighter leader Saw Gerrera. That means we’ll get to hear Whitaker’s broken voice more and hopefully he’ll be doing some real action this time around. For a character who has made several small appearances in other Star Wars adaptations, I think it’s time for him to be flushed out more. But who else is in for the Andor series? On a more disappointing note, Cassian Andor’s droid sidekick K-2SO won’t be appearing. That’s a real bummer if you ask me, considering K was one of the highlights of Rogue One. For a droid, he was funny, cynical, and sarcastic, and the fact that he was being voiced by Alan Tudyk was a pleasant experience. Now Alan Tudyk himself did confirm that K wouldn’t be appearing in Andor, but there is a high chance he will reprise the role for future seasons.

According to him, season one would rather focus on developing Cassian Andor’s story and not jump into his relationship with K just yet. That’s understandable, but I think many fans would agree that not having Andor’s snippy droid sidekick around to help him is a missed opportunity. As long as we have him in future seasons, we’re all good. I mean, assuming the first season of Andor is a hit, right? As far as other characters from separate Star Wars shows and movies go, I can’t really think of anyone else. The only other familiar character who has been confirmed to return in Andor is Mon Mothma, the Republic senator who helped form the Rebel Alliance. I have a feeling she’ll play a role similar to what we’ve seen before in Return of the Jedi. I think this is a chance to flush out her character beyond the stern senator who informs everyone about the mission. She can possibly form a more closer relationship to Andor and give him his missions directly. This can emphasize on the spy aspect of the series and even show us the more shady side of the rebellion.

If there’s a secret character they plan on adding in Andor, we won’t know until we see it. It could be someone from the original movies or the Clone Wars series but do expect more familiar faces. And on that note, we’ll have a total of twelve episodes to look forward to. That’s more than what we got from The Mandalorian, which was eight episodes, and the upcoming Obi-Wan series, which will be a total of six episodes. That’s an interesting thing to look at because I’m wondering just how much they intend to show us. Personally, I’m just looking forward to the series diving deep into how far the Rebellion was willing to go to fight the Empire. The original trilogy showed them as the heroic freedom fighters, but Rogue One showed us that they’re willing to get their hands dirty with a more Machiavellian-type approach. If they give us twelve episodes of that kind of story in Andor, then I’m all for it. What say you, Star Wars fans? If were getting a release date for Andor, we’ll probably get it on the Disney+ event coming soon. And maybe an update on the Obi-Wan series? Oh, please give us that update.

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