Why The MCU Should Definitely Develop Civil War II

Why The MCU Should Definitely Develop Civil War II

Why The MCU Should Definitely Develop Civil War II

Think of how interesting things could get this time around if another Civil War broke out in the MCU. It does feel as though it might need to wait for a bit, but there is a theory that Armor Wars could be the second Civil War that will take place, and if that’s the case it’s a big hope that there will be a lot more names on the roster and the fallout will be insane considering the heroes and villain that now exist in the MCU. But how things will change is kind of intriguing to think about since one has to think that Sam Wilson as Captain America has managed to vibe with James Rhodes more often than Tony Stark and Steve Rogers did in their time. Plus, unless Riri Williams makes her debut as Ironheart, War Machine would be the only stand-in for Iron Man, and it’s fair to think that since Captain Marvel’s had her power amped up to such a huge degree that he wouldn’t stand a chance since he doesn’t have Tony’s intellect no matter that he’s a trained fighter and soldier. 

One has to remember that there are a lot of knee-jerk reactions in the Marvel universe to one threat or another, and Civil War was initially an attempt to bring superheroes under the thumb of the government, which would have been a dangerous result, but as some feel it would have mitigated the damage they could do as well. It’s a hard debate to enter since there’s no cut-and-dried compromise that would please everyone. But Civil War II wasn’t any better since it had to do with the premonitions of a person that had been exposed to the Terrigen Mists and had gained the power of precognition, which allowed him to see many different possible futures. What happened in this story was based on what he had witnessed in his visions, and of course, the reaction that it provoked in those that were bound to believe that his visions would come true. 

In short, the second Civil War kicks off because of what might happen, not what HAS happened, and it shows that the heroes are a little too wary of one another still and are attempting to be proactive instead of just reactive. But even that tends to cause a mess since acting on a vision may or may not be a wise idea considering that one might be stopping one disaster but also causing another by not taking into account every known possibility that could result from one action or another. This kind of shows that the Marvel heroes are all about checking themselves before they cause too much damage to their surroundings, but while some of them are ready to leap forward and prevent what hasn’t happened yet, others are often ready to stop and think for a moment about what could be done to ascertain whether the visions are correct or not. It’s a giant mess no matter which way a person takes it, but it would be a seriously impressive movie no doubt. The effects in Civil War were definitely good enough to satisfy a lot of fans, so it’s fair to think that a second Civil War, with many other characters added in, would be just as great. 

One of the downfalls of a Civil War is that it does tear the heroes apart, but this creates the needed drama that has managed to help keep the MCU rolling forward for a while and has even added a few layers of depth to what might have been seen as a series of comic book movies and nothing else. Some folks might still think this way and believe that thanks to the flashy costumes and intense special effects that the movies are somehow lesser, but the MCU has been making a great deal of progress over the years as the stories have been hitting harder and the heroes, still with their outfits, have been becoming a little more real in terms of being human. Forcing the heroes to take responsibility for their actions has humbled the MCU in a big way but has also empowered it since it shows that superheroes are not above the law, or the people they try to save. 

Bringing out a Civil War II movie, even if it is Armor Wars, would be another huge and very impressive battle that would pit the heroes against one another once more, perhaps this time for something that was closer to the cause that occurred in the comics. People should be able to recall that Civil War in the MCU was brought about by roughly the same reason as the comics, but because a superhero reality show went wrong. It’s hard to say what would bring the second Civil War into being. 

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