Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Shania Twain brought a long-lost jewel to us as she graced the red carpet at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards. Celebrities influence us in quite a number of things, one of which is fashion. We simply cannot get enough of all the new styles they bring, from casual to down-right glamorous!

Where better else to look at than the red carpet? The 2022 People’s Choice Awards left many in awe as each celebrity strolled down the carpet. The sky is never the limit when it comes to fashion, and these celebrities have never let us down. We saw drama, exaggeration of just the right elements, and daring pieces that only a few can pull off.

Shania Twain, however, decided to take us down memory lane.

Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Credit: Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much

Shania Twain Pays Homage To Iconic Leopard Look

We all know the famous Shania Twain song, where we get to hear Brad Pit’s name! Well, the song isn’t just known for that alone. Shania adorns us with an eye-catching leopard-print outfit. Years later, completely solidifying the saying ‘age does not matter,’ the 57-year-old singer walked down the red carpet with an even more glamorous upgrade to the outfit.

We were blown away by the reminiscence. The outfit was made of black and leopard print that was custom made by Rodarte gown. She completely owned the sheer panel across her stomach, showing off impressive abs. The sheer extended to her fingertips, creating fitted gloves. The look was completed with a hood that added a bit of drama, just like in her music video.

Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Credit: People’s Choice Awards

For make-up, Shania pulled off bright pink lipstick and bubblegum hair. This proved to be her most iconic look to date. Yes, because of how sexy and completely amazing she looks, but mostly because of the history it represents.

What The Outfit Meant To Her

Shania has always expressed her love for leopard print, and it has always looked stunning on her. The Canadian singer told the Outlet earlier during the year that her neutral was leopard print. This is such a unique fashion statement because many people will choose white or black as their neutral color. She explained how during the beginning of her career, she would look for anything leopard print on the styling racks. You can’t beat a girl who knows exactly what she wants!

“You can dress it up; you can dress it down. It is a staple print because you can put leopard on velvet or chiffon or sheer, or silk. Anything. It’s hyper-flexible.” Shania told the Outlet.

Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Credit: @shaniatwain

In 1998, the five-time Grammy Award-winning artist collaborated with fashion designer Marc Bouwer. The music video piece they worked on was inspired by a fabric in the designer’s room that won Shania over at first glance.

“It was a stretch velvet, I fell in love with the way it moved. When you’re running around and dancing and jumping and doing quick changes, your outfit has got to be durable. I never want to feel restricted when I’m performing. So it starts with comfort. It always does with me. Whatever I’m going to wear on stage, it has to be comfortable.” Shania explained in an interview, “So I said to Marc, ‘Let’s go with midriff—oh, and I like a flare leg. I knew we were going to be shooting out in the desert, so I needed to be comfortable for 12 hours standing on my feet. That meant platforms and layers so that I could take my jacket off to cool down.”

Shania Twain Proves ‘Don’t Impress Me Much’ Outfit Is Timeless

Credit: @shaniatwain

Shania Twain Is Honored With The Music Icon Award

The sensation has her album set to be released in February 2023, and we can’t wait to be graced with her blend of love for leopard print and the new fashion trends. At the Award Show, Shania Twain showed everyone how well deserved her award was. The singer took to the stage and gave a 10-minute show that included many of her hits. From “Any Man of Mine” to “That Don’t Impress Me Much” to her new single “Waking Up Dreaming.”

As she accepted her well-earned accolade, she said in her speech, “This is such a privilege and dream,” said Twain in her acceptance speech. “Am I dreaming? I really am, I think. Thank you so much for presenting me with this award and for highlighting my work as having a significant impact. I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to say, but I always feel that’s my wish to inspire people with my music.”

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