Al Roker Mourns Death of Mark Traub; Former ‘Today’ Stage Manager

Al Roker Mourns Death of Mark Traub; Former ‘Today’ Stage Manager

When we lose someone we love, their memories become a treasure that no one can ever take away. Following the passing away of Mark Traub, the Today Show family mourns his death. Each member of the show came forward sharing their grief over the news, and among these was the heartfelt tribute from Al Roker.

Al Roker has had a couple of rough weeks dealing with health complications. This, however, did not stop the sensation from opening up about the heartbreak that the loss of Mark Traub has caused him.

Al Roker Mourns Death of Mark Traub; Former ‘Today’ Stage Manager

Credit: @savannahguthrie

Who Was Mark Traub

Mark Traub was a man loved by many simply because of the love he showed to everyone, no matter who you were. He worked for NBC, beginning as a page, then later began working at Today. Traub was the Senior stage manager for 35 impressive years before he eventually retired in 2019. In his career, he stage-managed shows such as Saturday Night Live, Late Night with David Letterman, and NBC News Overnight. Traub was also a director and directed the Saturday Today Show for most of 2016.

News of His Death

Mark Traub left us on December 6th, and he was 64 years old. This was after an impressive battle against leukemia. His loss came as a big shock, and many loved ones have made an effort to pay tribute in his memory and, most of all, to give support to his wife, Lisa. One of the most moving tributes was that from Traub’s long-time friend Al Roker who put aside his own battles to honor the memory of a loved one.

Al Roker’s Health Battle

The star has not had it easy for the past few weeks. This is as a result of hospitalizations after it was discovered that he had blood clots in his lungs. Al Roker had to take a break from the NBC daytime show; his presence was missed from the day he left. His gap was not only felt by fans but also by his co-stars, who paid him tribute in the most beautiful of ways. This included adding him to their special holiday video despite his inability to film in the studio.

Despite battling these milestones, Al Roker is now faced with the loss of a former colleague and, most of all, a loving friend.

Al Roker Mourns Death of Mark Traub; Former ‘Today’ Stage Manager

Credit: @alroker

Al Roker’s Message to Mark Traub

Al Roker broke his silence from social media to mourn losing his friend. The somber return expressed his grief and showed us the two shared beautiful memories. Al Roker wrote about Mark Traub’s memorable laugh and always optimistic and cheerful character.

“The laugh you always heard in the background for years on @todayshow was our stage manager, @mtraub2295, and when he retired, some of our spark diminished. Sadly, that light is gone after a long battle. Take care, Mark. You are so missed.”

His sorrowful words were added with a throwback photograph showing him and Mark Traub. The joy relayed from the photo cannot be denied, and we can see how much Traub meant to him. Fans from all over the world showed his support with comments of condolences. Gratefully, the star will be able to spend the holidays with his family after returning home on Thursday, November 24th.

Al Roker Mourns Death of Mark Traub; Former ‘Today’ Stage Manager

Credit: @savannahguthrie

Heartfelt Messages to Mark Traub

Mark Traub was undoubtedly the heart and soul of his crew. He was loved and cherished by all his co-workers. On his last day at work, the anchors gave him a sweet goodbye telling him he made NBC a home to each of them.

“I think every single one of us has a story about how you made us feel like we were OK and we belonged and we could be here, and that is huge,” Savannah Guthrie told him on-air.

“Certain people come around once in a lifetime. Mark Traub was that man. He was our floor director for decades. He made us feel loved. I hope you know how much we loved you back, Mark. RIP my friend xoxo,” Hoda posted on Instagram.

“This beautiful soul has left us. Mark Traub was generous with his heart and his expertise and most of all, his delightful laugh. He was the heart and soul of our studio for nearly 40 years. So sad that he has passed. All our love and prayers for his devoted wife, Lisa and family,” Savannah shared.


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