10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Simone Ledward

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Simone Ledward

People all over the world were brought to tears when news broke that actor, Chadwick Boseman, had passed away after a battle with cancer. The news was especially shocking because the fact that Boseman was fighting cancer hadn’t been made public prior to his death. Among other information shared at the time of his passing was news that he had married his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Simone Ledward. Like Boseman, Simone also likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, however, many people have become extremely curious about her. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Chadwick Boseman’s wife, Taylor Simone Ledward.

1. She Hasn’t Spoken Publicly Since Boseman’s Death

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. It can be even more difficult when you’re expected to deal with that loss in front of the world. With that being said, Taylor hasn’t made any public appearances since Boseman’s death and she hasn’t released any statements. Instead, she has chosen to grieve in private and that’s a choice that many people deeply understand and respect.

2. Some Sources Have Reported That She Is Pregnant

Despite the fact that Taylor hasn’t shared any personal information with the media, several outlets have reported that there is a possibility that she could be pregnant with Boseman’s child. A source allegedly shared, “Chad wanted kids, and so did Taylor. Since they knew he was leaving us, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got her pregnant, so she can carry his seed.” There has been no official announcement to confirm or deny these allegations.

3. Her Instagram Account Is Private

After news of Boseman’s passing and marriage to Ledward were announced, you can bet that lots of people probably went looking for her social media accounts in an attempt to get an inside scoop. However, Ledward’s Instagram account is private and we wouldn’t be surprised if it stays that way.

4. Chadwick Boseman Shouted Her Out In An Acceptance Speech

Even though Boseman liked to keep his private life low key, he wasn’t afraid to show the world how much he loved Taylor. During his acceptance speech for winning Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards, Boseman said, “Simone, you’re with me every day. I have to acknowledge you right now. Love you.” Taylor can be seen in the crowd mouthing the words “I love you” back to Boseman.

5. She’s A Singer

Taylor is a very talented singer who has been involved with music for several years. In a video on her old YouTube channel, she can be seen performing a cover of the song “Valerie”. She has also been active on several musical platforms but has since deleted her accounts. From what we can tell she’s never released any music of her own.

6. It Is Believed That She Attended California State Polytechnic University

Taylor has deleted most of her social media accounts, including an old Twitter that she had under the name @Simithesinger. Her LinkedIn has also been deactivated, however, sources have reported that the page listed that she attended California State Polytechnic University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music industry studies.

7. She And Boseman Were First Spotted Together In 2015

There isn’t much information known about how Taylor and Boseman met or when they first started dating. However, they were first spotted out together in 2015, and they continued to make public appearances together until just a few months before his death. Their relationship was officially confirmed in 2018.

8. She Has A Sister

Although we don’t know a lot about Taylor’s life, we do know that she has a sister. After doing some digging, we believe that her sister’s name is India Ledward. India is very passionate about education and has worked as a teacher in southern California for several years.

9. She Encourages People To Register To Vote

The link section in an Instagram bio is prime real estate as far as social media is concerned. Since you can only place one link in that section, the one that gets the spot is usually very important. Simone’s account may be private, but the fact that she has a link to vote.org in her bio shows that she believes in the importance of voting.

10. She’s A California Native

It appears that Taylor she was born and raised in or around Vallejo, California. She likes still lives in the area today as Boseman owned a home in Los Angeles which is where he passed away. There’s a good chance the two also met somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

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