Can Will Smith’s Reputation Ever Recover?

Can Will Smith’s Reputation Ever Recover?

Can Will Smith’s Reputation Ever Recover?

It’s a subject that’s been discussed rather heavily ever since it happened, but many people are still willing to bet that Will Smith might have done great damage to his reputation with one act of anger that can’t be taken back. Many people won’t remember the date, March 27th, but they’ll recall the act that set this line of discussion in motion since it’s not every award ceremony that sees one celebrity slap the hell out of the other. Whatever was going through Will Smith’s mind that night, it stands to reason that he’d been pushed to an extreme that caused a reaction that many others would have thought twice about. Normally, one wouldn’t expect this type of behavior from Smith since he’s been known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood for a long time. No one expected this from Smith, especially since it’s usually understood that jokes told during an award show might be troubling or even controversial, but it’s usually understood that these are jokes and nothing else. Most people tend to let a joke go without reacting in this manner, which leaves the question of why Will didn’t think of the ramifications. 

Can Will Smith’s Reputation Ever Recover?

The tears that came after the act didn’t help. 

No matter what reason was given for the tears or why he was feeling instantly sorry, Will did a huge number on his reputation regarding the slap he delivered to Chris Rock. The shock that everyone felt didn’t go away for a while, and even months later, when it should have easily died down, people are still talking about the matter. It could have a lot to do with the fact that for so long, through thick and thin, Will Smith has been an inspiration to a lot of people for a number of reasons, but it’s always been thought that he was a stable individual that didn’t fly off the hook at any given moment. People have seen him sad, they’ve seen him perturbed, and they’ve been assured that he’s not the type to lose his temper for no reason. But this was a reaction that couldn’t have been predicted. The sorrowful appearance he showed afterward didn’t do much to convince a lot of people that he was truly sorry. 

People knew the history between Chris Rock and Will. 

Lines were drawn between those who supported Will and those who supported Chris, which is pretty typical in any such instance. But the knowledge that these two men have been friends for so long made it difficult for many people to come to terms with the idea of picking between them. Obviously, there was a great deal of confusion, and a lot of people were willing to stay on the sidelines to try and figure out why this had happened. For a single slap, Hollywood stood still for a while, holding its collective breath to see what would shake out once the whole mess was sorted out. Sadly, even though things have died down, plenty of people are wondering if Will’s reputation will ever bounce back or if he will be known for this one regrettable act. 

Can Will Smith’s Reputation Ever Recover?

One would think that actors might have thicker skin. 

It’s thought that many would likely dispute if only because it means that they’re held to a different standard than other people, but sadly for actors, this is true. Their exposure to the public and the profession they’ve taken on require a much thicker skin on average since they tend to receive a great deal of criticism along with the praise that many of them love. Given his fame, Will Smith has had to expect a great deal of exposure and, like many actors, has had to deal with the fans and the critics that have been a part of his daily life over the years. This means that he’s expected to weather it all without breaking whatever pressure he’s felt, whatever has been said about his family, his loved ones, and his career. That’s too much to ask of anyone, but between therapy and simply getting away from it all now and then, one would imagine that his fortune could help him to discover a way to alleviate those pressures. 

What does Will’s future look like? 

It’s not likely that Will Smith will just fade into the twilight since he is that big of a star, and his fame should be able to carry him forward in the years to come. But there’s still the question of whether many people will take him seriously or if the Oscars slap will follow him for longer than many realize. Some still think that he should give his Oscar back and that he should be banned for life. It’s up in the air what will really happen in the years to come, but as of now, it feels as though faith in Will’s future is uncertain. 

It’s sad to say, but a lot of people no longer have a lot of faith in Will Smith. 

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