Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Steve Buscemi was born on 13 Dec 1957. The Number 13 is usually associated with an omen, and it becomes even more ominous when it falls on a Friday; however, in Steve’s case it turned out to be very lucky indeed. The actor Steve Buscemi was born to John Buscemi, a Korean War veteran who dreamed of becoming a cameraman his entire life but worked as a nightman. His mother Dorothy was a hostess at Howard Johnson’s, and he grew up in Brooklyn and Valley Stream, New York.

Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Credit: @ourgoldenage

Besides dying on the screen several times, he has experienced plenty of real-life misfortune. He was hit by a bus and a car separately as a kid. No matter how disappointing, we look for a silver lining in all possible cases. Well, Buscemi’s ray of sunshine came in the form of a legal settlement. The actor was able to pay his school fees at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film in New York City using money he got from the bus accident incident. A very fortunate misfortune.

Steve Buscemi’s Family

Buscemi married Jo Andres in 1987; Jo was an American film director, choreographer, and artist. They were blessed with a son, Lucian, in 1990, who is also a musician and actor. Jo was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015. I honestly give you this news with so much sadness for the famous actor. His wife Jo died in January 2019 after a long courageous fight. After undergoing chemotherapy, she only enjoyed a brief remission before cancer returned in 2017. In an interview, Buscemi was brave enough to admit that he was having such a difficult time as he was grieving. On some days, he’s grateful for all the love and support given to him, but on others, all he wants to do is just hide and be alone. The sensation sought comfort in painting and it has been a massive help for his grief.

Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Credit: @nerdinformants

His three brothers, John, Ken, and Michael, became his main support system.

A True Hero of 9/11

As a teenager, Buscemi worked as an ice cream truck driver, mover, and gas station attendant. He even sold newspapers. His father encouraged his son to take the civil service exam and become a New York City firefighter. In 1980, the future star became an Engine Company 55 member in New York City’s Little Italy.

Twenty years after leaving his calling behind, he donned his firefighting gear and sought through the rubble to find and save the survivors of 9/11. He declined to take any pictures showcasing admirable humility and selflessness. It took more than ten years for Engine 55 to post about this good deed.

Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Credit: @_stevebuscemi_

The Acting Career of Steve Buscemi

After beginning his acting career in 1984, he found immediate success in many minor roles. Buscemi can be described as the king of character actors with his prominent facial features,  tireless work schedule, and penchant for playing lovable losers.

Most people know him as the weird-looking guy in a movie: the snitch, the weasel, the guy you don’t want to associate with, or someone that seems entirely unbalanced, kind of dangerous, and also the type of guy you don’t want to mess with. Steve is the kind of actor that gets into his roles in a big way; thus, he has a huge following. In his odd look, at times, he is more impressive compared to a lot of his costars. Buscemi is one of the most prolific actors in the show business. He has worked with big-budget films and also shoestring independent projects appearing in well over 100 movies in the past 30 years.

He has been nominated several times and won many awards!

Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Credit: @stevebuscemiifans

Steve Buscemi’s Favorite On-Screen Death

His favorite on-screen death is when his character Donny Kerabatsos succumbed to a heart attack in The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers film. This is contrary to the majority’s opinion that his death in Fargo by way of an axe, then a wood chipper is the most likeable.

He Has Had a Movie Written Specifically for Him

Talk about being honored in the most iconic of ways! Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg created a character in the film Con Air based only on him. He was by far the most dangerous con, and I believe his friend did him justice in writing up the character. Rosenberg was actually amazed when Buscemi accepted the role. To this day, fans still associate the actor with “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”

Steve Buscemi, The One With The Crooked Smile

Credit: @stevebuscemiifans

His Teeth Is His Livelihood

He portrays lowlifes and losers throughout his career because of his crooked smile. He has turned down dentists who have offered to fix his teeth, claiming that that is his source of livelihood. They are the Buscemi brand and trademark.

His Character Often Dies

Buscemi’s characters have died a variety of deaths. He’s been shot several times, riddled with throwing knives, tossed off a balcony, stabbed with an ice pick, and fed to a wood chipper. But Buscemi often jokes that he’s living longer and longer as the years go by. He appreciates his character lives almost a third of the way through most movies and admits that he reads ahead in any script he receives to see when and how he dies.

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