A Number of Roles You Never Knew Alan Tudyk Played

A Number of Roles You Never Knew Alan Tudyk Played

Not knowing that Alan Tudyk was in a role was at times pretty easy since he’s one of those actors that kind of sits behind the action or right in the middle of it where your focus is kind of forced onto the main actors. He goes sight unseen a lot of times since he’s not the main actor but is still one of the best supporting actors in the business. He’s had parts that people never knew about but would agree that would ruin the movie if they were left out. That’s why he’s such a great actor, he can be there doing his job and you’d never know about it unless it was obvious or someone pointed him out.

He’s one of the best in the industry right now as a matter of a fact.

5. Patch Adams-Everton

It’s worth a bet that you would never have known he was in this movie unless you saw this clip. Patch Adams had a wealth of individuals that would go on to star in other movies. Not a lot of them would ever really get that well known but they would definitely become the type that would garner more attention simply out of being a familiar face. Tudyk wasn’t in this movie for very long but his voice is very strong when he’s there.

4. Wreck-It Ralph-King Candy

This was hard to believe really but if you listen to it again and again you can finally pick up the telltale notes in his voice and deduce that it’s him. Alan has done a lot of voice work really if you look at his history and he’s always managed to make it sound intriguing no matter who he’s played. King Candy is definitely one of the biggest heels to ever be created since he came off sounding genuinely concerned about Vanellope at one point.

3. I, Robot-Sonny

Sonny isn’t the easiest character to dislike since the feel of this movie is that the robots aren’t the bad guys at first. They’re kind of creepy with their human features but until they turn against the humans they’re suspicious, but not malevolent. Sonny on the other hand is so innocent throughout the entire movie that you can’t help but pull for him every minute he’s onscreen since he genuinely has no idea what went into his creation or why.

2. Big Hero 6-Alistair Krei

Alan Tudyk can play a heel pretty well despite the fact that he can also play a decent character. Alistair Krei is without a doubt not the worst heel to ever come along but he’s the kind of guy that sees everything and everyone as a resource, so he’s pretty bad. But when paired up against other bad guys he’s very tame on the evil scale and becomes kind of a pathetic individual that knows business and little else.

1. Star Wars: Rogue One-K2SO

As far as droids go in the Star Wars universe there have been a few that have really garnered a lot of attention in the past, but K2SO is one of those that has sought to bridge the gap between the earlier films and the more current ones. As a reprogrammed Imperial droid he’s ruthless and cunning, but also willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good as he shows in this movie.

Alan Tudyk deserves to be in the running for the Oscars, no doubt about it.

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