Obi-Wan Series Has a Pretty Darned Solid Cast Lined Up

Obi-Wan Series Has a Pretty Darned Solid Cast Lined Up

One thing that a lot of fans like to see when it comes to various shows and movies is a bit of continuity in characters, especially if the stories aren’t too far removed from where certain people were seen, to begin with. It was good enough for a lot of people to get Ewan McGregor to come back in the iconic role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but it would appear that a few others that were present during the prequels will be joining him, such as Rupert Friend, Kumail Nanjiani, Joel Edgerton, and Bonnie Piesse will be returning among others to round out the cast, which means we’ll be seeing a young version of Luke Skywalker no doubt since that’s the biggest reason that Obi-Wan is on Tatooine in the first place. But if the comics are any indication, and A New Hope can back this up, Owen Lars isn’t too fond of Kenobi, and makes it clear that he doesn’t want him coming around any time he feels like it. That’s why Kenobi watches over Luke from a distance, keeping himself sharp and his skills honed as always in order to protect his young charge and do his duty as one of the last remaining Jedi. The story is set to take place ten years after the end of Revenge of the Sith, so there’s no idea if we’re going to get even a glimpse of the final confrontation between Kenobi and Darth Maul that was seen in Rebels, but it is a wonder if there are going to be any shots of Bail Organa and his wife the queen on Alderaan, as well as their adopted daughter Leia.

There are so many possibilities that could be opened in this series, but one thing is perfectly clear, Disney is likely going to take the route that they feel will be the most lucrative and tell the most solid story. It might not align perfectly with what fans want, but it’s likely to be filled with action and possible intrigue. It’s been said that Hayden Christensen will even be present, but it’s kind of obvious what role he’ll be playing. The number of flashbacks that are bound to be shown in this program is already evident, especially since the understanding is that within a decade that Obi-Wan will still be seeking to center himself and stay as far off the radar as he can in order to avoid detection. Given the fact that he flashed his lightsaber in A New Hope shortly before he and Luke took off with Han and Chewbacca, it feels as though he realized at that time that there was no more of a need to hide and that his action was absolutely necessary. Or it could be that there was no way to know that it would mess with the continuity of the story later on, and the act of aggression was simply something that George Lucas felt was necessary. It’s hard to say, but it’s also easy to think that we’ll get to see Obi-Wan in action again during this series, though whether he’ll be slicing and dicing with his lightsaber is hard to say since again, staying out of sight and not being identified is Kenobi’s best bet to keep the Empire from finding him.

In the meantime, one has to assume that things are going to be happening on Tatooine and elsewhere in the galaxy that will have at least something to do with this story since focusing only on Kenobi during his self-imposed exile might require a lot of clever writing that would keep the Jedi Master busy with a number of different things that could end up making fans want to move on and find something a little more exciting. One great thing about every story within Star Wars is that other matters in another part of the galaxy have almost always been happening and have drawn enough focus to keep things interesting and to give people a mild break between different story arcs so that things can be kept interesting. One has to remember that the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi has stretched throughout the galaxy, and there are many parts that might be able to coincide with this story in an effort to tell a convincing and more detailed story of a man that has come to represent one of the greatest franchises ever made in his own way. There have been many Jedi that were created within the Star Wars franchise, but Obi-Wan Kenobi has been among the greatest, and sometimes the most understated among many of them. His decision to watch over Luke on Tatooine is one that took him beyond the notice of the Empire for a while, and yet put him in one of the best spots to help the story to continue.

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