That 90s Show Finally Brings Bob into the Fold

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There wasn’t much doubt that the upcoming series, That 90s Show, was going to be missing a couple of people, but thankfully Bob Pinciotti won’t be one of them. Don Stark, the man behind the curly top, was recently given the call to announce that he would be rejoining the group and reprising his old role. The idea of bringing the gang back and advancing them two decades into the 90s is something that many people are eagerly anticipating, but one has to wonder if it will live up to expectations. Don himself wasn’t even certain that he would get the call, but considering that so many of the original actors have signed on, it would have been a bit strange not to see Bob return, as it surely would have been noted. Some might have assumed that there were reasons for this since characters tend to move on and are often written out of stories if they no longer serve a purpose. However, Bob did stand out as a character in That 70s Show as the goofy neighbor and, of course, the father of Donna. Omitting him was possible, but it does feel that fans might have spent at least a few episodes wondering why he wasn’t there.

credit: That 70s Show

There will be several new actors coming to the cast

It was to be expected that, after over a decade, a new core group would come along and drive the series. Whether they will be as well-received as the original cast when the show first started is yet to be seen. However, with the return of several familiar faces, it is likely that they will help to bolster the new cast and guide them until they establish the necessary footing to make the show successful. It is worth noting that the original cast had to undertake the same task, and they did it remarkably well for a significant amount of time. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that the same will happen this time around if the actors are able to work together to create a new version of the show. With the addition of Bob, the cast is as close to completion as it can be.

Most of the original cast members will be returning

Those who can return at this time are coming back, and it is likely best that they do in order to ground the show and to bring a sense of history to the show that is necessary to remind people that, although two decades have passed, it is essentially the same show. A few people won‘t be returning, and one of the most notable is Danny Masterson due to his current legal issues, which will prevent him from injecting his usual Hydelike energy into the show. If anything changes, it is bound to be big news since Masterson is currently considered to be one of the least likely to appear anywhere unless someone is willing to understand what he is going through and still rely on his acting talent.

credit: That 90s Show

One can only hope that people remember what the 90s were like

It‘s a great hope that this show will bring back the authentic feel of the 90s since That 70s Show did a commendable job of reminding people what life was like back then. Given the tendency of many series and movies to keep things politically correct nowadays, there is a concern that such an attitude will creep into this show just to stay in line with the status quo. But if things go well, it will be another look back in time to a decade that was a bit daring, even though it managed to hold onto the core values that many people cherish so much. If it covers at least a few major topics of the 90s, it would be fantastic.

Is Bob going to fit into the 90s?

This is like asking if adults from the 90s fit in with the modern era, and the answer is yes, of course, they do, which means that Bob will likely be adapted in ways that will still make him appear goofy but will also make it clear that he‘s doing the best he can. To be fair, Red and Kitty wouldn‘t necessarily fit perfectly in the 90s, but then again, many grandparents didn‘t fully understand the decade, much like those who had grown up in the 60s and 70s. It should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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