Suits Season 1 Episode 12 Review: “Dog Fight”


The proverbial Pandora’s Box is about to be opened in the suspenseful first season finale of Suitsas Mike’s secret is revealed thanks to a certain childhood friend, and Harvey tries to fix what he’s done to Clifford Danner when he put him behind bars twelve years ago for a murder that he didn’t commit.

It certainly was a change to see Harvey work so hard to win the case instead of having everything handed to him on a silver platter. I knew in the back of my mind that Harvey would find a way to win the case, but there were moments where that hope was slightly diminished whenever a roadblock presented itself. At least things worked  out in the end when Clifford was finally released from prison as a free man at the end of the episode.

My favorite scene in this episode was the one where Harvey apologized to Donna, albeit reluctantly because he has a reputation to uphold, when Jessica implied that Harvey’s life would be a mess without Donna there to organize it. I enjoyed a small laugh when Mike was walking toward Harvey’s office and saw the older lawyer discreetly hand Donna the infamous can opener, which to this day, I still can’t figure out what it’s used for. I want to say that they use it to open beer bottles and have a drink before Harvey heads off to court, but I can’t be sure. If any of you fellow Suitors have the answer to this mystery, feel free to let me know.

My second favorite scene was the one where Donna came into the associate’s break room and figured out that Rachel was hung up about Mike in true Donna fashion, and the two then had themselves some girl talk in Harvey’s office later that night. The love-sick paralegal was amazed that Harvey had all these autographed baseballs and basketballs on display in his office. When she held the ball signed by Kobe Bryant, the inner Lakers fangirl in me was like, “Give it to me!  I want the Kobe ball!” I also liked how Harvey used a concept from a movie of all things to get one of the two guys who were testifying against Clifford to confess to the crime. Nice going, Harvey, nice going.

The part where Trevor found out, indirectly, that Mike was seeing his ex-girlfriend Jenny behind his back when he answered the genius associate’s phone (which he tends to forget) while hanging out at Mike’s apartment was just too much. It’s good that Trevor decided to turn his life around, but he didn’t need to go to Pearson Hardman and spill the one secret that would cost Mike his job. I mean, I understand that Trevor is extremely angry that his best friend, the one that’s been with him since they were young boys, is dating his ex-girlfriend, but he should’ve confronted Mike and Jenny about it instead of stabbing Mike in the back like that.

I had a great time reviewing the first season of this great legal drama series during this summer re-watch. It’s great to see where it all began and to see how each of the characters has matured as the series has gone one, like how Mike has learned to be a better lawyer and to not trust others as easily as he did in the past (though Louis is still kind of a pain in the butt sometimes). Maybe next summer I will review another season of Suits.

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