Stranger Things Season 4 is Looking Intense

Watching the trailer definitely makes it feel as though the transition from season three to season four of Stranger Things is going to be like switching gears without the benefit of pressing the clutch. For those of you that are too young to remember driving a manual transmission automobile that might not make sense, but that’s okay. In the trailer that’s been released, we’re introduced to the Creels and the Creel house, which apparently is the sight of Upside Down activity that the Creels had no knowledge of, otherwise it’s fair to say that they might have turned around and never come back. But as the lights flicker and the radio signal flutters a bit, it’s obvious that the family notices the strange happenings, but in true horror fashion, they do absolutely nothing except look around and wonder what the hell is going on. One would think that an eviscerated rabbit lying stiff in the front yard would be enough to make them think that something was wrong, but the image of the two kids lying still, possibly dead, as their father stands in front of the door is definitely ominous. 

Of course, then it goes to the image of a brick coming through the stained glass window set into the door, indicating a group of kids that have been through hell in their own way but obviously haven’t had enough yet. As Dustin, Lucas, Steve, and Max enter the house it would appear that they’re looking for something and that Dustin hasn’t changed much as he quotes Sherlock Holmes while the others stand around looking unimpressed. There’s no sign of Mike, and obviously there’s no sign of Will or Eleven since they headed on down the road at the end of season 3, which leaves a lot of people wondering what their part will be in this season and when they’ll show up. 

So far we know that Hopper is somewhere in Russia, the Byers family has left Hawkins, and the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer are still quite active and seeking a way into the world that was denied to them. Going back in time it would appear that the Upside Down has been doing this for a while, as evidenced by the phenomena experienced by the Creels. But how this ties into the main story isn’t really known yet, and won’t be until 2022 when the show returns to Netflix that those that have been waiting for a while now can finally see what happens. Already it feels as though there’s a giant disconnect that will hopefully be bridged as the show starts up, but with the distance between the character, it’s tough to see how this is going to happen. The Duffer brothers are keeping people guessing at this time, which is a great way to keep the story alive and to keep people from getting too much and therefore becoming disinterested, but it’s going to be something that will force people to analyze as much as they can about the trailer, as is normal, in order to figure out on their own what might be coming. 

It’s interesting that the Duffer brothers are including a haunted house in this story now, but it’s just as likely that the Creel house could be a red herring that’s drawing people in, or it could be something like American Horror Story, where a certain home is located over an entrance to a place that humans weren’t meant to see. In AHS there is one house that is located over the entryway to hell, so maybe the Creel House is located over an entry point to the Upside Down. It’s easy to think that this might be the case since it would explain the disturbances and the possible manipulation that might set a father against his family. Even suggesting this kind of makes it feel as though the Duffer’s might have copied something and therefore it becomes a little less impressive, but keep in mind that this is just a thought, not a truth set in concrete. Plenty of ideas exist as to why the Creel house might be something different that connects to the Upside Down, as there are a lot of ways that the chaotic world could have tried to make contact. 

All that’s known at the moment is that people are ready to see season 4 and are definitely ready to see more of the Upside Down and what it’s been doing to try and make its way into the world. It’s bound to be interesting to see if and how Eleven will get her powers back since it does feel that the Duffers might make this happen in order to give her back that edge that she needed against the Mind Flayer and other monsters. We won’t know much more until 2022, but you can bet that people will be talking. 

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