Why a Stranger Things Featured Film is Inevitable and a Good Idea

Unless you’re a huge sci-fi geek like me you might have been skeptical about the show Stranger Things to begin with. It almost looks like a monster movie crossed with the cast of E.T. in some ways. Once you look into it a little deeper however, you find out that there’s really nothing cuddly or cute about this show. That right there is the draw of it, that it’s not some sappy, overdone piece of Hollywood hogwash meant to keep people happy and complacent. This show is up in your face, unpredictable thrill ride that will cause you to binge-watch the entire first season regardless of what you might need to do at the moment. Oh yeah, it’s that addictive. But why?

Here’s a few reasons why the show is so great, and why it deserves its own major motion picture.


There, that’s one reason alone. The character of Eleven is just so intriguing that she constitutes a single reason all on her own for this show being made into a movie. Despite her innocent and harmless look she is powerful beyond belief, and isn’t above using those powers to defend her friends when it’s needed. Tell me you wouldn’t want a friend like her on your side. With film-level effects this girl could be on par with a number of powerful characters and be just as interesting.

The upside-down

Leave it a bunch of kids playing Dungeons and Dragons to figure this kind of thing out. The Upside Down is essentially a copycat dimension of earth. It is almost like a pocket dimension in which the Monster can exist and hunt at its leisure. In a film this effect could be just as terrifying if not more so, as the idea of one Monster could easily give way to other things, some of them even more dangerous and terrifying than the creature in the original show.

The showdown between Eleven and the Monster

One is a predatory animal that can’t be stopped, the other is a powerful telekinetic that actually stop the Monster in its tracks. The showdown between these two should be epic, and in the show it almost reaches that level as Eleven finally faces off against the Monster, finally obliterating it from earth and presumably sending it back to the Upside-Down. Imagine however if that fight was continue into the creature’s territory, where Eleven has been before. That kind of battle would be absolutely EPIC.

The ending

If you haven’t watched the show then don’t read any further, but if you have, then consider this. Will Byers was taken by force and subjected to horrendous things by the Monster. He was traumatized in a way that few if any kids could ever relate to. He was rescued of course, but at the end he was shocked, as were the rest of us, when the Upside-Down suddenly flashed into existence all around him. Then there was the slug-like creature he vomited up. This leads us to believe that maybe it’s not all’s well that ends well.

If you haven’t watched the show yet then maybe this will entice you. Stranger Things is worth a look or two, or three.


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