Sean Astin to be a Fan Favorite in Stranger Things 2

Sean Astin is a character in any film that is usually dependable for something, even though you might not be able to figure out just what it is right away. In fact it seems like only one of his characters has ever been that much of a sleaze, and it was when he played the ex-husband in The Do-Over. Any other role he’s played in has been great. Samwise Gamgee, Mikey Walsh, Daniel “Rudy” Rudiger, he’s been a rock for all those around him. It kind of makes sense to bring him onto a show like Stranger Things to be honest, largely because he’s been in strange films with stranger twists before. This time though he’s going to be a supporting character like he’s been for a lot of his most recent roles. That’s perfectly okay though, as a fan favorite all he needs to do is show up.

So what’s his role going to be on Stranger Things this coming season?

He’s going to be playing Bob Newby, Radio Shack owner.

So he’ll be playing someone that lives in Hawkins and hasn’t yet been introduced which is fine. The boys and the others didn’t really get to see that much of the town and there’s still some unexplored corners left to flesh out. Bob is also known to Joyce and to Hopper as the story goes that they knew each other in high school. Bob is a self-proclaimed former nerd and as such could possibly have a positive interaction with the boys in season 2 as a mentor or older friend figure.

He could be vying for Joyce’s attention along with Hopper.

There was some obvious tension in the last season between Hopper and Joyce, but now that Bob is being allowed into the picture there could be a little more competition. It kind of hinges on whether or not Joyce really notices Bob or has any cause to notice him. If she’s the type that falls for the nerd then Hopper might actually have some competition.

He’s the new “Barb” so to speak.

No one could have anticipated the level of fandom that Barb enjoyed in the first season, and her demise left a bit of a hole in the hearts of those that had come to like her. The hope is that Bob can at least mask that hole if not fill it, as he will be the new character in the series that will attempt to fill a niche. Chances are however it won’t be with the rest of the teens, but perhaps with Joyce, Hopper, and as mentioned above, in a mentor role to the boys.  Being a nerd is in a vague way like being a marine, there is no such thing as an ex-nerd. Once you’ve stepped down that path you’ll always be able to go back.

There’s not much else known about Bob so far but come September the show’s producers, actors, and director might be a little more forthcoming. It wouldn’t be like any of them to not tease us a little right before the premiere.


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