Theories and Ponderables for Stranger Things Season 2

Theories and Ponderables for Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things is coming back to Netflix for a long anticipated second season in just a few days (Oct. 27th)! With the new season set to drop, fans are making predictions faster than you pop an Eggo. One huge area for speculation is the egg that Hopper found while in the upside down. It was obviously hatched, and given the time of the finding, not likely to have been the demogorgon. Which leaves us with the question what did come from it? Will it be another demogorgon, or something much worse? Almost certainly it will be something that the gang will have to face in the new season.

Hooper gives us additional questions with his offering of Eggos and Christmas snacks left in a box in the woods, for presumably Eleven. Some fans have theorized that Eleven is actually Hooper’s daughter and was never really sick, and therefore, not dead. It was all just an elaborate cover so that THE MAN could swoop in and take her for showing special abilities. Hooper would of course be clueless to this fact, but the fact that he may be caring for his long lost daughter unwittingly gives you all the feels.

Another shocker at the end of season one was when we saw Will spewing up slugs and getting visions of the upside. In the final second season trailer we find out for sure that Will continues to see the upside down, and goes into strange trances during those periods.

Some fans have theorized that Eleven, Will (and all those who “crossed over”) have been touched by the upside down and now have a strange connection to it that will cumulate in disaster this season. Given the aforementioned trailer, it seems pretty likely.

However, the best fan theory (because it sounds the most plausible) out there has to be this one. Which basically says that Eleven is LITERALLY the monster and has some pretty wicked “evidence” with which to back up this theory. Including potentially hidden easter eggs in the very first episode that illustrate the monster being of two minds (two head demogoron ringing a bell here folks?!).

Another thing both Hooper and season one left us to ponder is what is he doing with the big bads at the laboratory? We see him getting into an unmarked car. He must’ve made some kind of deal to access the portal, but what was it? Can he be trusted now? Does it have something to do with his daughter?

There are dozens more theories out there, after all the show is called “Stranger Things.” The one thing we do know is that the second season is going to be darker and more intense than the first. There is plenty to keep us hooked and lots of room for twisting plot development!

Don’t be a mouth breather and be sure to catch the primer this week! New theories will be abound!

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