Producers Think Stranger Things Will Go Beyond 4 Seasons

It’s kind of strange to hear a statement like this when the producers already said that Stranger Things wouldn’t last past four seasons. You could have heard fans sobbing from miles around when this proclamation was handed down, but a lot of people figured that it would somehow be best. After all too much of a good thing eventually kills it in some way. Stranger Things has been an awesome show thus far just based off of one season and the expectations for season 2 have been so insanely high that the bar has already been raised.

There’s a few questions to consider though now that the producers seem to think that the show could progress past four seasons.

Questions such as:

How extensive is the Upside Down?

We’ve seen at least a few things from the show and the trailers that speak of terrible things that live in the Upside Down, the Demogorgon being just one of them. But obviously the slug that Will vomited up is alive, and the massive creature he saw in his vision is another. Just how many other denizens of the darkness are living in the twisted dimension that shares a boundary with earth? Plus, is the Upside Down only able to penetrate through Hawkins, or are there other portals that might have been created further away, outside of the county limits? These are a few things that could keep the show going, but each episode would have be treated almost like a part of a long-running miniseries to keep it unique.

How powerful is Eleven?

Does she have a hidden potential we haven’t seen yet? This girl took on the Demogorgon despite being ready to collapse, and she managed to defeat the thing as well. She looked ready to keel over at one point but the fact still remains that in the trailer she looks somewhat rested and perhaps ready to go. What are the limits of her power? Is she stronger in the Upside Down? Considering the fact that Eleven is really the only weapon that earth has against the creatures of the Upside Down, it’s feasible to think that she could really blossom when it comes to the power she wields.

How bad do things need to get before people start thinking of leaving?

Most people won’t just abandon their home when something strange happens, but when it starts happening throughout the town and becomes public knowledge you would think that an evacuation plan might be put into place. Of course if no one knows or people remain willfully ignorant than Hawkins could become a giant hunting ground for whatever decides to cross over from the Upside Down. So far from the season 2 trailer however we’re seeing that things are starting to become highly unstable around Hawkins. So when is a public awareness message a good idea do you think?

If the producers want to run this show for past four seasons then the best thing to do would be to ramp up the effects, fine tune the story, and make certain that each episode, or several episodes, are run essentially like a big screen film. The reason for this is that it will give the audience something far more serious to look at, and will not run the risk of coming as too cheesy or too campy.


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