New Stranger Things Images Tease New Hair and Characters

New hairdos and new characters seem to be abounding in the next, upcoming season of Stranger Things.  Of course things had to change after the first season otherwise there’d be no point to the second one. The gate to the Upside Down is still wide open despite the fact that Will is back and things seem to be back to an even keel. Or do they?

The trailer is already telling us NO they are not in a big way. Things in Hawkins are just starting to get disturbing as the fallout from the first season is finally starting to hit the rest of Hawkins and not just those that got involved in the first little bit of trouble. Because let’s face it, the Demogorgon was just that, a little bit of trouble. When you compare it to what might be coming the creature is really not that bad since at this point you already have an idea of what it does and how powerful it is.

What’s coming is still unknown, and worse than that, it’s unknown what, or if, Eleven can do anything to stop it.

Sean Astin is a newcomer this season and a possible romantic interest for Joy, though there’s always the possibility that they could just be good friends as their characters reportedly were in high school. Astin’s character is going to be able to connect with the quartet that somehow figured out the truth of the Upside Down if rumors are true, and will be a fairly pivotal character in the next season.

So instead of just hanging down in her face and to the sides of her head Ryder’s hair looks like it’s actually been styled this time. Of course it could be just mussed up in this shot since it looks like she’s been through the ringer again.

Fresh off his stint from the new Power Rangers movie, Dacre Montgomery will be playing newcomer Billy. He’s new in town, he’s a bad boy, and as we’ve already seen bad boys tend to become targets of those that just don’t seem to like them. In a town like Hawkins he might not be entirely welcome depending on how he acts around folks.

So it looks like Eleven has hair now. Or maybe she’s wearing another wig. Anyway, the biggest news is that Eleven is back and she looks rested thankfully. She’s going to have to be if there’s something bigger and meaner than the Demogorgon coming to Hawkins.

The boys are back and they’re going to have their work cut out for them this time since the Upside Down is now a known commodity to them, but their world is also known to creatures beyond the barrier separating them. I’d load up on more than rocks and a slingshot this time fellas.

We could have already assumed that Will was going to be going through some serious PTSD and other issues, but in the trailer it looks like he’s having a full scale meltdown throughout the second season. Whatever was done to him in the Upside Down isn’t over yet.

Season 2 of Stranger Things is going to be epic.

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