5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

Spaceman, Meet Your Match

Let’s get real for a second. Spaceman is like that one-hit wonder from the ’80s everyone remembers fondly until they actually re-listen to the track. Sure, it’s got its charm, but let’s not pretend it’s the zenith of Netflix’s sci-fi offerings. Buckle up, space cadets, because we’re about to launch into a cosmos where Stranger Things and company make Spaceman look like a B-side track on an old cassette tape.

Stranger Things

Who needs space helmets when you’ve got the Demogorgon on your tail? Stranger Things takes the whole ‘nostalgia’ thing and runs with it faster than you can say ‘E.T. phone home.’ It’s a show that doesn’t just teleport you back to the ’80s; it straps you into a DeLorean and floors it to 88 mph. And let’s not even get started on the Upside Down—it’s like every sci-fi trope took a shot of adrenaline and decided to throw a party in Hawkins, Indiana. Spaceman wishes it could be this cool.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

No Mirror Needed

Next up, we’ve got Black Mirror, the show that looks at technology and goes, ‘Hold my beer.’ Each episode is like a mini-movie that could totally stand on its own if it didn’t have such an obsession with making us question our entire existence. The anthology format means you never know what you’re going to get—except for that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize just how messed up everything is. ‘Spaceman’s singular narrative thread seem like a frayed shoelace’—come on, we all know which show has more layers than an onion here.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

Cyberpunk Overdrive

Now let’s slice into Altered Carbon. This show doesn’t just have a cyberpunk edge; it has a whole cyberpunk sword. It makes Spaceman’s space odyssey look like child’s play with tin foil rockets. Season 2 took things up a notch with Anthony Mackie stepping into Joel Kinnaman’s shoes—or should I say, his sleeve? Mackie brought his A-game, making fans say, He has the same mix of swagger, dark humor, and occasional bursts of real cruelty that Kinnaman showed in season 1, and making it all feel as seamless as an AI’s code. With its stylish hyper-violence and casual nudity beneath a surprisingly philosophical plot, Altered Carbon is what happens when Blade Runner meets Fight Club in virtual reality.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

The OA Goes Off Script

If Spaceman is floating aimlessly in space, then The OA is out there doing somersaults through wormholes. This show doesn’t just bend minds; it bends genres, expectations, and probably a few TV tropes along the way. It takes interdimensional leaps with the grace of an Olympic gymnast and leaves Spaceman wondering why it can’t stick the landing. With characters that are more mysterious than my last Tinder date and plot twists that make M. Night Shyamalan look predictable, The OA is the kind of show that makes you wonder if you should’ve paid more attention in philosophy class.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

A Trip Through Time with Dark

Last but not least, let’s talk about Dark. If Stranger Things is the cool kid at school, Dark is its brooding older sibling who listens to vinyl and reads Nietzsche for fun. This show takes time travel and turns it into an art form—so much so that you might need to take notes to keep up with who’s who across different timelines. It makes Spaceman’s straightforward space jaunt look like someone forgot to set their GPS for ‘epic storytelling.’ With its hypnotic opening theme and a kaleidoscope design symbolic of a mesh of time and space, Dark isn’t just a show; it’s an experience—one that leaves Spaceman in its cosmic dust.

5 Must-Watch Netflix Sci-fi Dramas That Outshine Spaceman

To Infinity and Beyond…Spaceman

In conclusion, while Spaceman might have had us looking up at the stars for a hot minute, these five Netflix sci-fi dramas are here to remind us that there’s so much more out there in the streaming universe. So go ahead, give them a watch—you might just find yourself becoming obsessed with something that actually deserves your binge-watching dedication. After all, why settle for small-time space adventures when you can have mind-bending journeys through time and alternate dimensions?

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