Five Things We’ve Learned from the Stranger Things 4 Trailer

Five Things We’ve Learned from the Stranger Things 4 Trailer

Five Things We’ve Learned from the Stranger Things 4 Trailer

The trailer for Stranger Things season 4 has finally dropped and it would appear that things are going to pick up again in a big way as the kids from Hawkins and the Upside Down aren’t done with each other yet. It’s been established that Eleven doesn’t really fit in at her new school, Max is apparently going to take on a bigger role in the show, and the group is still more or less changing and perhaps even growing further apart as the story unfolds. They might have thought that they were done with the Upside Down, but it’s fair to state that the Upside Down hasn’t forgiven or forgotten the defeats that have been handed to it to a small group of humans that banded together. It does appear that we’ll get to see a little more concerning Eleven’s past, but it’s also interesting to think of how the group is going to come together again. Here are a few other things that were easy to glean from the trailer. 

5. Max has powers now?

This could be a misunderstood moment, or it could be that Max now has powers similar to Eleven’s. The fact that she’s seen hovering over the grave of her brother is enough to make a lot of people feel that she now has some sort of ability that allows her to be seen as a powerful individual. But there is a lot yet to see so while it’s fair to assume that she’s going to be granted powers, somehow, there’s still the question of why and how. There is another explanation, that she could be possessed or controlled by something else that gives her the ability to levitate, but until the season starts, we just won’t know. 

4. Eleven is still a vital component of the story. 

This feels like it never would have been in question since Eleven has been a big part of the story from the beginning. But the fact that she might act as a linchpin between the Upside Down is still enough to think that her future could be in jeopardy at some point, and her powers might come rushing back simply because she needs them to combat whatever is coming. But how she’s going to get them back is an interesting question since it would almost appear that she needs to go back to a place that she escaped from in the first place, which means a great deal of personal trauma might need to be revisited. 

3. Hopper’s situation just became a little stranger. 

A lot of people have already been greatly confused about Hopper’s situation since he went from foiling a scheme by the Russian in Hawkins to Siberia. where it becomes evident that the experiments concerning the Upside Down are still happening. On top of that, the fact is that the prison he’s in does have a Demogorgon, and it would appear that the prisoners are being used to combat the thing, perhaps to find any weaknesses, or maybe just for sport. How this is going to shake out in the story is already intriguing since even if some people think that Hopper should have died a noble death, he still has a part to play. 

2. The soundtrack is going to be awesome.

As has happened with the past three seasons, the soundtrack already sounds like it’s going to be awesome and another delve into the nostalgia of the past as the overall feel of season 4 will carry the story a little further into the future and will utilize the music in the best possible way. There’s no doubt that other aspects of the past will be shown throughout the season as well since Stranger Things has been known to produce the visuals and sounds of the past in ways that make a lot of people remember what life was like back in the day. For those that weren’t born until the 2000s, well, it’s still fun. 

1. There is a villain worse than the Mind Flayer.

The new threat is already being given the name Vecna, and many D&D nerds (yes, me too) are already going nuts over this since Vecna is one of the most terrifying villains in the world of Dungeons & Dragons since not only is he extremely powerful, an appearance by such a character in a show like Stranger Things means that he’s the type of villain that could afford to sit back and test the strength of his enemies before deciding to come forward and annihilate them. Granted, it does stand to reason that the group will find a way to beat or at least escape this character, but the general feeling is that it might not be possible for everyone to walk away from this encounter.  Whatever happens, it’s fair to say that a lot of people are going to be hoping that the wait was worth it. 

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