Should Vince Gilligan Make Another Breaking Bad Spin-Off Following The Series Finale Of Better Call Saul?

Should Vince Gilligan Make Another Breaking Bad Spin-Off	Following The Series Finale Of Better Call Saul?

The story of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman is coming to an end with the upcoming sixth season. There’s no telling how it will turn out for the crooked lawyer who ends up being the man that Walter White relies on in the future. However, there’s no denying that the journey has been a thrilling one. Once the story of Saul Goodman comes to an end, should Vince Gilligan move on from the world of Breaking Bad for good? If the creator of one the greatest television shows ever made decides that he’s finished with stories within the Breaking Bad world then that’s simply okay. Sometimes, a filmmaker has to understand when it’s time to walk away. Of course, the allure of money can be very tempting, but the ability to tell a strong story from beginning to end is rare in television these days, and when you have two nearly flawless shows, protecting your brand and legacy would be a smarter move.

On the flip side, there are plenty of stories to tell within the world of Breaking Bad. The spin-off that would intrigue me the most is focusing on the Salamanca family. Tuco is a deranged psychopath, who could’ve easily been one of the best villains of all time if he wasn’t killed too soon. Exactly why is Tuco so unhinged? Is it the lack of truth dealing in the world of a drug cartel? Is the fact that he doesn’t feel enough respect is given to him? Is that why he beat the crap out No-Doze in the junkyard for no reason? But it’s not just Tuco that’s interesting, it’s also his cousin Lalo, who’s the complete opposite of him. Lalo is the type of guy that you can hang out and have beers with. Sure, he’ll snap your neck in a heartbeat if you cross the man, but it’s interesting how different the two are. What’s their dynamic? How did Lalo or Tuco get involved? Obviously, that’s at the hands of Hector, but was it by choice? Tuco seems as if he fits perfectly into this world, but Lalo seems more like a blue-collar man who has embraced being a Salamanca, but it wouldn’t be surprising if didn’t like being about the cartel world from the beginning.

Of course, it doesn’t particularly have to be about the Salamanca family. Another fascinating character Is Gustavo “Gus” Fring. Gus is…strange. He feels like a robot trying to figure out humans. He’s a psychopath, but one who’s more laid back. He’s not the type of person you ever want to cross, but he’s just not your typical drug kingpin. What makes Gus so interesting is just his human behavior. Exactly how does he view the world? Are people just pawns in his elaborate game? What was he like as a child growing up? Surely, he didn’t wake up one morning proclaiming to be a major drug kingpin in the future. There’s still so much to explore when it comes to the Breaking Bad universe. Sure, you understand the outer surface of it, not the full scope based on the characters who all have something unique about them that demands a spotlight to be put on them. At the same, it’s not necessary to dig deeper into these characters because Vince Gilligan has done a tremendous job giving you an understanding of who they are as people. There may be certain quirks that are strange or behaviors that may not make much sense to the normal non-drug dealer being, but not everyone needs a backstory. Sometimes, the mystery regarding a character’s past is better of left to the imagination.

Saul Goodman works because he’s a sleazy lawyer, but there’s nothing truly unorthodox about his persona. He’s a magnetic presence and his arc has only heighten him as a character in the Breaking Bad world. Focusing on Gus’s strangeness would definitely give more insight into who he is, but it can also take away what was so intriguing about him in the first place. One example is Michael Myers, who was an interesting character in the first Halloween movie. However, when his backstory was examined, the mysterious nature of his character was shattered because he was no longer an unpredictable human being. In fact, he turned out to have a generic upbringing that shaped him into a masked murderer. Like David Chase, if Vince Gilligan decides to leave this universe for good then there’s nothing wrong that. However, if another Breaking Bad spin-off is announced then there’s little doubt that it’ll be another welcome project from the original creator.

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