What We Learned from The RWBY Volume 8 Trailer

What We Learned from The RWBY Volume 8 Trailer

What We Learned from The RWBY Volume 8 Trailer

If you don’t know that much about RWBY don’t feel too bad since despite having come out in 2013 the anime has become popular but is still something that might qualify as something that people will actually require a person to be a fan of since it’s not nearly as widespread as one might think. The name of the series, RWBY, comes from the names of the series’ main protagonists, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, and is set in a world known as Remnant, where people either become Hunters or Huntresses in order to keep their world from falling to the creatures known as Grimm. In anime style, this show is off the hook with the level of action it presents and the storylines are something that people might fall into pretty easily. So far volumes 8 and 9 were approved as of 2019, and volume 8 will be coming up fairly soon. Divided up into four kingdoms, Remnant is apparently just as susceptible to mistrust among its people as any location, and it would appear that this coming volume will highlight that as a true threat in the form of Salem, the story’s big bad so to speak and the one individual in all of Remnant that can apparently give anyone pause since she is so powerful and is also immortal.

The level of anticipation and danger is pretty high in this volume since it sounds as though Salem is making a move on Remnant and has plans to take the relics from the Huntsman Academies in an attempt to weaken humanity and assert her dominance. It’s a very classic story of evil doing its absolute best to dominate anything in its path and it already sounds like a compelling story that many fans are likely waiting to see continue. Anime definitely has a huge fanbase and has for quite some time since people have responded to it in a big way and have continued to push for more and more. Sadly the creator of RWBY passed away after only two seasons, but those that he was working with decided to continue onward and have so far extended the work in a big way as things have continued to progress forward as each new volume has been embraced by the fanbase. As many fans would likely tell anyone, anime is something that has to be enjoyed to really get into it since the artistic style and the action is sometimes very different from many other shows and despite being kind of interesting in many different ways can turn some people off. There are moments when it feels as though there’s just too much dialogue, particularly in fight scenes, but each audience member feels a different way about this than the next and some people happen to like anime so much that it’s about all they ever watch.

RWBY does have an interesting story to it, and while it might appear entirely female-centric, there are still plenty of characters to deal with, though it does feel as though the women are far more adept at their jobs, or at least more prominent, than men. It’s a definite shift that could have a number of reasons since anime has often shown men and women alike, but women definitely get drawn with more sex appeal and to draw in more male viewers on average since the costumes, the poses, and the overall demeanor of the female characters varies greatly, offering up enough characters that pretty much anyone could like and root for. In this show in particular it does appear that there are several characters that people can look upon and choose from, but as usual, the women are clad in outfits that might be said to have been designed with very specific goals in mind when it comes to attracting viewers. Hey, it’s the way things are done, and the audience appears to like it, so as long as they’re willing to pay, this is how things are going to be. Still, things have changed enough over the years, since there was a time when female characters wouldn’t always wear that much in anime and would show even more skin, so the practice has evolved in a big way.

But getting back to the story, it does sound as though Remnant is going to be in a spot of trouble at this point since the inability of people to trust one another is something that typically hampers any fighting force in any story considering that the evil force that people should be allying against tends to take that mistrust and uses it to their advantage. Given how powerful Salem really is, it’s likely that RWBY is going to need to find a way to get the people to band together and combat the real enemy, otherwise, volume 9 sounds like it might be a bit chaotic.

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