“Love Is Blind” Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Out with the pods, and in comes a romantic getaway! In Cancun, Mexico, the goal is to see whether the emotions in the pods will translate into a physical explosion, four weeks before the couples walk down the aisle. The last episode of Love Is Blind ended on a sour note. Shaina, the Jessica of the second season, suggested that she and Kyle sleep in separate bedrooms. On their first day in Mexico, Mallory tries to make Salvador feel comfortable. Everything she’s feeling has nothing to do with Salvador, she says. They have a bit of a weird kiss, but Salvador is just processing things as much as she is.

Iyanna has the most obvious first impression of Jarrette. He is tall. At first sight, all she thought was, “ I’m gonna have to wear heels during sex.” She may have overthought the entire height situation. That quickly leaves out the window when Jarrette proves how invested he is in making it work. He’s brought her a polaroid camera, and she couldn’t be happier. Physically, there’s a ton of chemistry between Jarrette and Iyanna, but she’s not giving in just yet. At least until she and Jarrette are married.

Since Shake has been looking for the physical all along, it is expected that he will thrive in the most romantic environment with a gorgeous woman by his side. He and Deepti share one too many passionate kisses, but when the conversation about marriage and family comes up, Shake holds back. “ Maybe this is a little commitment phobia rearing its head,” he says. The talk about marriage doesn’t sound so good now that Deepti is the one who’s enthusiastic. It all seemed nice when he was saying it, but now that he’s hearing it back, something seems off.

The differences between Shayne and Natalie are now becoming a  bit clear. It’s not all butterflies. Shayne’s nighttime routine is Natalie’s worst nightmare. While Natalie loves herself some quiet time, Shayne sleeps with the TV on. He likes a good bedtime snack to go with that. Over at Danielle and Nick’s bubble, Danielle has found herself letting her guard down sooner than she does in the real world. She’s comfortable around Nick, enough to engage in passionate lovemaking. While Nick and Danielle are getting the best of each other, it turns out that Shaina is, in fact, a woman of her word. She’s not feeling Kyle a single bit and has chosen to leave paradise a single woman. Kyle is convinced she needs a little time. By the end of the four weeks, they will get married.

Iyanna is really having a good time with Jarrette. If she hadn’t met him for the first time at the pods, she’d have sworn they’d known each other all their lives. For her, the physical is just as strong as the emotional. Over at the Danielle-Nick camp, thorough lovemaking is going on. So much, that Nick is about to lose his own bet. He had made a pact on which couples would be leaving Cancun pregnant, and the way things are going with Danielle, he’s about to eat humble pie. They have been physical one too many times, and twice in three different places. His mood lightens when he realizes he still has enough time to change his mind.

Though a lot of kissing and cuddling is going on at the Deepti-Shake camp. Shake’s doubts are growing. Deepti is not ready to take things physical, and that’s not helping the situation. “Deepti is awesome, but I don’t know…” he says. In the pods, there was an overly strong emotional connection but Shake is finding a hard time connecting things in the physical world. His fate is the opposite of Shayne’s, who’s definitely exploring Natalie’s body, and loving every single minute of it. They are enjoying each other’s company a little too much, and Shayne has just discovered that Natalie sleeps like a model. She also has the tendency to snooze the alarm, a lot.

Salvador is extremely lucky. Mallory is not one to kiss and tell, but, if she isn’t revealing too much, a trip to the pharmacy would do her some good. Though the physical wasn’t there at first, it seems like things have taken a different turn between her and Salvador. Jarrette, on the other hand, is not getting intimate with Iyanna. Iyanna has made up her mind that she’ll get to be with him that way when there’s a ring on her finger, so Jarrette shows her there are other ways to be intimate. Like a good massage that hits all the right spots. Iyanna is loving every minute of the massage. She’s getting a little sweaty as well, and there’s no better way to end the session than jumping into a hot shower with her man.

Natalie and Shayne are the modern-day Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). They set out on a sail, where Shayne gets to experience the nurturing side of Natalie when he gets seasick. Soon enough, it’s time for the couples to meet. This is where things get a little tricky. At the pods, everybody kind of dated everybody, and seeing the people they didn’t say yes to could evoke some emotion. As soon as Mallory walks in, we can feel the tension starting to build. Iyanna’s guard is up. She has a girl crush on Mallory, and she’s hoping her man, whose proposal Mallory had declined, isn’t watching.

Everyone is incredibly attractive, Shake observes, but he does confess that Deepti feels more like an Aunt than she does a fiancée. Nick walks in solo. He lies that he and Danielle have broken up, but that’s not true. She’s had a little incident. Within no time, everyone notices that Kyle and Shaina are missing. With that move, we can certify that Natalie is relieved. At least she is safe, for the moment. Everyone is bonding over shots, and, with a little alcohol comes a lot of revelation. Deepti seems to be eyeing Salvador. In fact, if things don’t work out between her and Shake, Salvador is her next best option. Nick and Jarrette both think that Shayne and Natalie are going to get married. Nick encourages Jarrette to talk to Mallory, opening a whole can of worms. While Jarrette and Mallory seem to be getting along just fine, the same cannot be said for Iyanna and Salvador, who feel out of place. The episode comes to an end right as Jarrette gels perfectly with Mallory.

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