Should Terraxia Become a Part of the MCU?

Some might state that it’s a little too late to bring Terraxia into the picture, but since things have been turned and twisted to such a degree, and time travel is still very much a thing, why not try to bring the purple-skinned, female version of Thanos into the mix? She didn’t last long when she was first brought in during the events of The Infinity Gauntlet series, since while she did take down Iron Man and Spider-Man she was banished along with Thanos to the depths of space, where she, unfortunately, could not survive since Thanos did not grant her the same capabilities he possessed when he created her. Yeah, that’s right, Thanos, who was so tired of being spurned by Lady Death, created a female copy of himself that was just as ruthless and would have been his match in just about every way. But for those that have read the comics, the moment that Thanos was embraced by his new lover he still had the notion to look over her shoulder to see Lady Death’s reaction. And as you might expect, Death turned away once again, almost as if she didn’t really care all along. 

The big difference between Thanos in the comics and in the MCU is that in the comics, Thanos didn’t care a bit about balance, and he didn’t sound like someone that made sense, he was more like a besotted and overeager kid that wanted to make his crush happy. Hey, some guys do flowers and others do diamonds, Thanos went big and picked galaxy-wide genocide to gain Death’s favor. When that didn’t work, it was easy to guess that prune-face was getting a bit testy and wanted someone that would accept him without reservation, so in came Terraxia. There wasn’t a lot of discussion, if any, of how her character might have developed had she stuck around, since she was kind of like a minor distraction, someone that was thrown in there to add a bit of drama that didn’t really take off She did her part when the battle was joined, however, but by the time that the cosmic entities came in her usefulness was at an end, at least briefly, since she didn’t have the benefit of the gauntlet.

But with everything that’s happened in the Marvel universe, it’s fair to think that she might have a chance of coming back if someone could think up a convincing story for her and a way to bring her into one movie or another. She had such a limited appearance that it would be amazing if anyone remembered or even knew about her since the fact is that her part in the Marvel universe was meant to be as short as possible. But there is a big ‘what if’ since she could be a suitable counter to Thanos considering that he made her with the ability to do everything he could do. It’s safe to think that she wouldn’t have been around in Infinity War or Endgame, and since Thanos left Titan as a ruin, it’s also hard to think that she might have escaped. But there’s a good idea that she might have been off-world when he went postal on his people, so perhaps there’s a chance that she could have been somewhere else and escaped his murderous ways. 

At this point, it simply feels that Terraxia would be a nice addition to the MCU since she’s a character that a lot of people might not see coming until she’s there and they have to figure out where they’ve seen or heard of her before. In other words, she would be a nice surprise that only some of the most diehard Marvel fans might recall and could be another threat or a hidden ally that the heroes of the coming phases could rely on. Okay, the ally part might not work out as well, but it’s still fair to think that she could have a part in the MCU that might possibly be convincing enough that it would work. It’s easy enough to wonder if this name has ever come up during team meetings in the MCU since one can only imagine how many names get floated while ideas are being formed about what to do next. 

Out of the many characters that have had limited runs in the Marvel universe, Terraxia is one of them that might be smart to bring back since she did take part in a very momentous event, and it’s even possible that the continued fallout from Endgame might involve her in some way. She could be an asset that might have been tossed away too soon, especially if a story could be written up for her that might end up captivating the MCU’s fanbase. Hey, it could happen. 

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