Superhero Vehicles: From Then to Now

The original Marvel comics captured millions’ attentions — not just with the superheroes, but with their cars, motorbikes and aircraft too. Over the years, new films from the franchise have introduced new, state-of-the-art versions of the classic vehicles. Whether you imagine yourself cruising along with Batman, sneaking a ride with The Green Goblin or speeding down side streets with Captain America, you can now compare how the vehicles have evolved over the years on a stunning graphic by Netentstalker.

The Batmobile

While Batman’s 1941 car was groundbreaking at the time, the infographic proves just how far modern design has come. There have been hints of colour over the years in the Batmobile’s paintwork, but the 2016 car is jet-black and grey, and we don’t think it can get much better.

The Hell Cycle

Underneath the flaming fury that is the Ghost Rider sits his Hell Cycle, a formidable motorbike that matches his need for speed with his fear factor. The role of the hero has moved a couple of times, and the latest version has a 1969 Dodge Charger known as the Hell Charger instead (which also has flaming wheels).

The Goblin Glider

Has there ever been a transformation quite like the Goblin Glider? Although the Spider-Man villain originally had a jet-powered broomstick, Marvel increasingly embellished The Green Goblin’s aircraft, so that it is now a state-of-the-art glider as terrifying as the Goblin himself.

Whichever way you prefer of getting about, make sure to check out the complete list of design changes, vehicle alterations, and upgrades on the full infographic below:

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