5 Characters that Should Not be Gender-Swapped in the MCU

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Let me start by saying that gender-swapping is not a big issue so long as it can be used to make sense and the actors playing the roles they’ve been given are good enough to make it work. For instance, switching out Taskmaster in Black Widow was a surprise, but it wasn’t such a big deal since many people didn’t know enough about this character. On top of that, Taskmaster wasn’t a character that had been pushed in such a big way, meaning turning the character into a woman wasn’t bound to cause much trouble. It wasn’t an easy transition for people to make, but it’s been accepted at this point, mostly. But changing up a character that people know and care about is a different matter since it usually comes as a massive surprise and can upset many fans. If there’s a reason behind it that’s well documented and makes sense, then so be it. But switching out a character’s gender without reason is bound to cause a lot of fans to lose faith, and the MCU can’t afford that at this point. 

Here are five characters that the MCU shouldn’t gender-swap. 

5. Daredevil

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There’s already a lot of hype that’s been built up about seeing Daredevil coming to the MCU, as well as to the She-Hulk series on Disney+. But trying to gender-swap this character at this point feels like it would cause the Mouse House to lose a lot of viewers since Charlie Cox has already become a favorite among many fans. Such a transition could be made since some could don the mantle and make it work, but unless those newcomers were also blind, it might be kind of an issue since this is one of DD’s biggest draws, the fact that he is fighting blind and kicking ass at the same time. 

4. Kang the Conqueror

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Comic book fans might know a lot about Kang the Conqueror, but as of now, he’s still a newbie in the MCU that many people are counting on to mess things up in a big way, especially when he hopefully shows up in season 2 of Loki. But apart from that, changing him up could be explained by the multiverse angle since Loki has a female counterpart, which means that just about anyone should be able to boast that they have female representation in another universe. But to introduce Kang and then turn him into a woman doesn’t make sense unless the MCU wants things to get crazy and hard to manage. 

3. Moon Knight

Moon Knight: Five Godly Abilities That Marvel's White Caped Superhero  Possesses

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Again, this character just showed up in the MCU, so it’s fair to think that switching him out for a woman wouldn’t be as acceptable, especially since it would appear that his multiple personalities are still a big draw and are what make this guy who he is, in part. Perhaps letting him back out to play a bit would be a better idea than simply switch him up to see if the character would be any more marketable. Moon Knight is one of the characters with a lot of potentials if the MCU decides to bring him back into the fold, but if he gets gender-swapped, it almost feels as though fans would need to start all over again when it comes to getting used to this character. 

2. Mr. Sinister

X-Men: Apocalypse” Teased Mister Sinister for Channing Tatum's “Gambit” –  The Cultured Nerd

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One thing that makes Mr. Sinister so creepy is that he is a man, making him come off much more effectively, even if a female version would be just as eerie. A male Sinister carries a lot more menace and a lot less sex appeal, though, and it does stand to reason that this is what this particular character needs to be effective. He’s only been alluded to in the various movies that have dealt with Marvel characters, but it feels as though his time might be coming at some point, and keeping him male would allow this character to step into the spotlight in a much more effective way. 

1. Doctor Doom

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Sometimes characters that have been around for so long need to remain unchanged, and then again, some of them need to be switched up to see how things might work from another angle. Doom already works from so many angles that trying to think that a female version would work better is hard to do. Would a female Doom be effective and dangerous? Yeah, she probably would, but one thing that can be said about Doom, as he is now, is that he’s deadly, conniving, and usually has a plan in place for just about anything, meaning that he’s not a victim of male pride when it comes to thinking that he can take on all comers without a few contingency plans. 

Some characters don’t need the gender swap. 

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