Loki Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment

It can be said with all honesty and a good bit of humor that Loki season 1 was a bit crazy since the TVA is one of the more brutal and unbalanced systems in the MCU that somehow has power over so much of the universe. Seeing that it’s being manipulated and run by Kang the Conqueror, who goes by the title of He Who Remains in the first season, it’s not hard to see how he’s managed to form everything and stay behind the scenes at the same time if he’s been able to jump along the Sacred Timeline again and again while doing what he can to keep things protected and his overall plan, which is definitely hard to figure out, intact. But when one throws Loki, the Loki that people knew about to start with, into the mix, things were bound to get a little chaotic, especially since like many of the other Loki’s, this one felt that he was the only one. Once he finds out differently and finds out that there are truths and lies he thought were the opposite, Loki eventually discovers that the TVA is a power that extends well past his own.

Of course, the MCU had to take the time to offer a couple more fakeouts since once again it was thought that we might be seeing Mephisto at some point when a young French girl from a timeline that was about to be pruned pointed to a window sporting the stained glass image of a devilish character. Hopefully one day we’ll get to see the famed devil of the Marvel universe since he’s being teased enough. But in the meantime, the Loki series already managed to get devious and devilish enough as the idea that Loki could help to stop the variant that was killing TVA agents and causing trouble along the Sacred Timeline was one that a lot of agents weren’t too pleased about, but Mobius felt was worth a shot.

The problem with working with Loki to find Loki in order to apprehend Loki is, well, you have to trust Loki, and that’s a dangerous thing to do. Loki does go through a bit of soul-searching in this story though, especially when he teams up with Sylvie, the variant that has been killing TVA agents and causing trouble for the agency. Her story is that she was the Loki of her timeline and she was taken prisoner before her timeline was pruned. She was meant for extermination, but managed to escape and went on the run for years, creating a deep-seated hatred for the TVA that kept her moving forward. When she and Loki finally come to an agreement that they can work together, things tend to calm down for a bit, but Sylvie is so far gone after so many years that her trust issues keep coming up, and the fact that Loki can’t be trusted doesn’t help matters in the least. But the two manage to coexist for a while at least until they meet up with He Who Remains and endure the fiasco with the Time Keepers, who turn out to be cleverly placed robots that not even Ravonna, the head of the TVA, knew about.

When Loki is pruned and sent to the same realm as other Loki variants, who are there because they too were pruned, and while matter can’t be created or destroyed it can definitely be transported or given a different appearance since the Loki variants he meets are as diverse as they can be. When one of them betrays the others and incites a bloody battle, Loki and the other variants escape and are set upon by the creature known as Alioth, which presides over the area they’re located in. When Sylvie reaches this realm, she and Loki end enchanting Alioth, which opens a portal to the mansion of He Who Remains, played by Jonathan Majors. The long-winded explanation that this character goes into about the Sacred Timeline, how there are more variants, more worlds, and more secrets than either Sylvie or Loki know. He even warns them against other versions of himself that might be much worse. But when Sylvie refuses to believe him and kills He Who Remains, she doesn’t just disrupt the Sacred Timeline, she manages to set off a disaster that allows the evil versions of Kang to take over the TV and set things in his image

Just think, if Loki had been allowed to stay dead we wouldn’t have this story. Season 2 is already going to be interesting since there’s no idea what happened to Sophie, how long it’s going to take Loki to befriend Mobius again, since, with the shift, Mobius now thinks that Loki works at the TVA, and Kang has taken over. Oh yes, season 2 is going to be fun.

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