Why It’s Time For a “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd” Revival

If 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd were to come back it would likely need a pretty big update and a story that would appeal to the audience in a big way. There’s likely a reason that this show wasn’t and still isn’t that big of a deal, since a talking dog might actually be amusing, but after a while the novelty of it kind of wears off. Plus, it’s likely that Richard Moll might be getting a little old to take on the same role again, even if it is great to see him. There’s always a chance that he might come back, but if this show did happen it would likely have to benefit from a bit of CGI and, which wouldn’t be too big of a deal for Disney. But the premise might need a little work simply because the whole idea of being turned into a dog for one’s bad behavior brings to mind a twist on the Beauty and the Beast legend, minus the Beauty and with the 100 deeds added in. Just saying it sounds a bit awkward, but it doesn’t feel as though finding a cast and a dog to work with would be that difficult, especially since everything has advanced quite a bit since the late 90s and early 2000s.

To be realistic this does sound like an idea that came from the 90s, as the premise is kind of silly but just edgy enough to get by. The show only lasted 3 seasons and was reduced to 8 episodes by the final season, so it’s fair to state that Disney didn’t have a lot of faith in the program after a while. Reviving it might take a bit of an effort and it might be that the show would have to wait for a little bit simply because there’s so much going on at the moment. But if it did get picked up again there’s a chance that it might be something that people would see as worthwhile, depending on how things went and how the story was shaped.

There are a few key elements in this story that would make it work, and the morality of it is a big one since people continue to debate over what’s right and wrong in this country and don’t appear to remember where the dividing line is. This show wouldn’t make things better, to be honest, but it would give another look into such ideas as of right vs. wrong and a sense of personal responsibility that tends to go out the window at times. Plus, it would do so from a place of understanding and comprehension that’s not meant to be tense or even confrontational. If nothing else, it could be geared towards showing kids and even adolescents that their actions do have consequences and, while they might not be turned into a dog in real life, it could be that the reason people get treated harshly at times is that they treat other people in the same manner while expecting to be catered to in every way. It sounds like a back and forth argument, but eventually, someone has to give in order to break the cycle.

Some folks expect their entertainment to be just that, entertainment. They don’t want a message, morals, and they don’t want to be preached at. But the fact is that what we see and hear influences people in a very big way. This show could be another positive influence when it comes to the message it might deliver to those that truly need it. That might sound dramatic and even a bit cheesy, but the truth of it is that the shows we watch do manage to influence how we act at times, and in accordance with this it’s very easy to think that another positive show on Disney+ couldn’t hurt. It might be worth trying at this time just to make certain that the show is either gone for good or if it can rise up and be a positive program for a lot of kids and perhaps even a few adults that might learn something from it. A person is never too old to learn after all, and it’s easy to think that watching a show with one’s kids would be a great way to learn and to teach at the same time.

It’s not certain that this would be a blockbuster show or not, it might be something that slips in under the radar, but at the same time, it would be a chance for something that might have been enjoyable for a few people back in the day to see a familiar show that they happened to like. Nostalgia is the big thing right now after all, as a lot of ideas are coming back at this time. So why not this one?

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