Charlie Cox is Officially Returning as Daredevil

All the excitement being felt over the revelation that Charlie Cox will be picking up the role of Daredevil again isn’t exactly premature, but it could still be a while before we get to see the horned hero of Hell’s Kitchen back in action again. There is a rumor going around that he’ll show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but that could very easily be a cameo or a shortened role at best and a lot of people are wanting to see him as he appeared on his Netflix show, but that might still be in the works as of now. It’s been established that a lot is going to change in the MCU since the loss of key actors and therefore characters is making it necessary to change things up, as is the inclusion of the multiverse, which is bringing a lot of surprises to the MCU by way of including just about anything and everything so long as Disney gives it the green light. What that might mean for the likes of Daredevil and other heroes is still uncertain yet since trying to pair more adult series and movies with what Disney+ is already pushing is becoming a bit of a headache. 

But the news that Cox will be returning to his role is the type that people have been wanting to hear since the fact that it came from Kevin Feige is enough to allow a lot of folks to breathe easier considering that if Feige says it then it’s bound to happen. But when Feige decides to be a bit evasive about such facts as he’s given with Cox and Daredevil it feels like a bit of pacification in order to keep people satisfied that something WILL happen, but that it might not happen anytime soon. This is enough for some folks, but not for everyone. 

There is the idea of how violent the show is going to be since much like other heroes such as The Punisher and Moon Knight, Daredevil isn’t really known for throwing punches. He might not be the type that will kill villains outright, but he’ll certainly do a number on them to ensure that they get the message and won’t come back with anything but their A-game and a lot of reinforcements. A lot of fans that have read the comics could attest to the fact that Daredevil is a rather hard-hitting hero/vigilante who knows the law thanks to his daytime profession but flouts it just enough to make him someone that doesn’t have a lot of ground to stand on when it comes to berating anyone for the way they operate. And yet, Daredevil’s moral compass has always been one of the things that keeps him in check and helps him to avoid killing people when he doesn’t have to. It’s also something that’s made him a bit of an annoying character since some of the damage that he dishes out is enough to seriously impair a person and cause lifelong damage. It’s hard to feel sorry for bad guys, but it’s also kind of tough to really enjoy a hero that takes a holier-than-thou attitude while taking on a name such as Daredevil.  

One thing that’s clear is that everyone has been wanting to see Charlie Cox take on the role again, but no one has been clamoring for Ben Affleck. If there is anyone that does such a thing it’s fair to say that they’re doing such a thing quietly since the Affleck version of this hero wasn’t exactly embraced when his movie hit. In fact, the only enjoyable parts of that movie were Elektra, for a few shots, and Bullseye, since they actually brought a little bit of flair to the movie. The difference is that Charlie Cox’s version managed to get people on board and kept them there, wanting more with each episode. That’s a good reason why this decision could be a great one for the MCU since Cox is ready to come back and people are ready to see what else he’ll do. If anything he’s done in the comics is bound to happen in a movie or another series then we’ll be in for a great showing once again since Daredevil, despite being a street-level hero, is still a lot of fun to watch. 

Where Daredevil will fit into the MCU sounds easy enough, but until the multiverse is used it does raise a lot of questions since no one can just be slapped into place as of now without the multiverse and the strange happenings of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the other coinciding incidents taking place. From Spider-Man to WandaVision to Loki, there’s a lot going on in the MCU at the moment, and one can guess that a lot of things are going to be a little different going forward. 

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