The Evolution of Thor (Infographic)

The Evolution of Thor (Infographic)

For a hero that has a very straightforward attitude that doesn’t change much over the years Thor has certainly had his appearance changed more than a few times. If any of you recall the classic Thor he had a winged helmet, his customary hammer, Mjolnir, and his very recognizable outfit. Despite the fact that it was supposed be armor it didn’t really get this look until his next incarnation in the 1980’s, when he went into full-on battle mode and looked ready to take on a tank if he so chose. From that point they went with the Destroyer armor which made Thor look pretty much invincible but also highly uncomfortable. Ideas were running rampant around Marvel for a while and some just weren’t well thought out.

The trick with the Destroyer armor however is that when Thor is feared dead the Destroyer attempts to absorb his soul. Thor however takes over the Destroyer and thus becomes a walking juggernaut. Only a year later the very plain but realistic-looking viking version of the Thor was released to do battle with the Incredible Hulk on TV. This fight was supposed to be quite epic but without Thor’s customary look it was really hard to recognize him. His appearance in live TV was supposed to herald a series featuring the thunder god but it never came to pass.

From that point Thor was kind of left alone until the 90’s came around, and his look became all muscles, leather straps, and long, flowing blond locks. He also sported a crop top that was not a compliment to his look. Thankfully that particular incarnation didn’t last. From that point on his look kept changing as he remained armored but with a different-looking chestplate, a different-looking weapon, and different hairstyles ever so often to show just what was happening in his life and to indicate that he was in some ways developing.

Thor has always been one of the toughest figures in the Marvel Universe, but like many characters over the course of time he’s had his issues. He has been rendered powerless more than once for various reasons, and has had to battle through adversity a time or two as well. Despite being a god, Thor is not a perfect or all-knowing being. In the comics he might possess powers that easily put him in a class all of his own, but he is still ruled by his emotions and as such has proven fallible more than once. This has been shown when he has lost his powers and others have had to take up the mantle.

Beta Ray Bill is one of the most notable figures since he took up the mantle of a thunder god, as did a few others such as Eric Masterson and even Thor’s longtime friend Volstaag. Perhaps the most interesting character that has ever wielded the power of Thor however is Jane Foster, the same woman that he fell in love with in the movies. She has become a beacon of hope for when Thor will presumably stand down from his position or can no longer wield Mjolnir one day.

The Evolution of Thor (Infographic)

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