Five Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Wonder Woman’s Sword

Five Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Wonder Woman’s Sword

Five Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Wonder Woman’s Sword

A hero’s weapons are often thought of as either mighty artifacts or tools that get the job done. In either case the right tool for the right job is crucial, and Wonder Woman’s blade, no matter which one she’s used, is almost always as strong and as sure as the warrior that wields it. The blade is for the most part just a weapon, but in the comics and the movie the ethos of it becomes a lot more than one might expect of an implement, becoming in effect a divine item that is revered among the Amazons and prized by them as well. While she hasn’t always wielded a sword, Wonder Woman has become known to modern-day fans by her sword and shield.

Here are a few things you might not have known about it.

5. Her sword was forged by the god Hephaestus.

With the fact that her father is Zeus it seems only fitting that a weapon that could fit her status would be made by another god. Of course this weapon, prized by the Amazons and seen as the God Killer, was one of many such weapons that were forged by the ancient gods, but it was considered special because of the purpose that its name described. Any weapon that was powerful enough to kill a god was something that could be considered as one of the most powerful weapons in existence. The fact that she was one of the few to ever hold it says that she’s been a special kind of hero since day one.

4. The sword is sharp enough split electrons from atoms.

This is an additional quality given to the blade by Hephaestus. The sword can actually disrupt atoms by slicing electrons off of them. The only issue is that as powerful as she is Wonder Woman’s vision is still limited enough that she couldn’t see to split an atom if she had to. But the edge of the blade is capable of doing such a thing, which means that it could potentially dismantle whatever it touched at the most fundamental level possible. The ability to take things apart at the atomic level is rather frightening really, but given that her sight won’t allow her to be that precise it’s something that doesn’t need to worried over.

3. Her sword has caused a nuclear explosion.

After losing to Zod and Faora and being locked in a nuclear reactor where both of them will likely be killed, Superman manages to guide Diana’s sword while she holds it to split a Uranium atom so that the reactor explodes. You can imagine that if Diana was able to do this on her own her potential for destruction would increase exponentially. Thankfully though she’s a hero so it wouldn’t be too bad since she’s more likely to use this kind of power to do good.

2. The sword can wound Superman.

It’s hard to think of anything apart from kryptonite being able to harm Superman, but keep in mind the fact that Diana’s sword can severe electrons from atoms. That means that it’s beyond sharp and is capable of slicing anything down to the most fundamental level possible. Superman is tough and is almost impenetrable when it comes to physical attacks, but he’s made up of flesh, blood, and bone just like everyone else. So his skin is a little tougher than most, he’s still made up of the same elements as everyone, he’s simply worlds tougher than anyone else. But he can be wounded by Wonder Woman’s blade since it ignores the hardness of his skin and goes to a level that even he can’t defend against.

1. She appeared with a new sword after the God Killer was destroyed.

Between the end of Wonder Woman and Batman vs. Superman she acquired a new sword, one that could actually wound Doomsday. So obviously it was another sword that might have rivaled the God Killer for power, but perhaps wasn’t made by the same person. The God Killer was destroyed in the movie after all, but by the time she appeared in Justice League she had a new blade, which means that before Dawn of Justice she had a new weapon. It takes a seriously powerful character to destroy a weapon made by a god, and it would seem that a god can do the trick. Now it’s just a matter of finding out where she got her current blade.

Wonder Woman’s blade is indeed powerful and impressive but not so much as the woman that uses it. Along with her shield, her bracers, and her lasso it’s just one piece of her arsenal that is highly impressive but is another tool to be utilized. Of course a lot of fans are going to go nuts over the items that a hero uses, by the association with said heroes those items are bound to be something great.

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