The Infinity Gauntlet had a Few Interesting Kills

The Infinity Saga was impressive, to say the least since the MCU brought it to the fans in a way that was acceptable by Disney’s standards and yet pushed the emotional edge just enough for a lot of people to get that this was a turning point in the franchise. But just imagine if the story had followed the comics even closer. The comics, whether they’re DC, Marvel, or anything else, have been known for getting over the top violent for a while now, and fans have either adapted to it or loved it from the start. The Infinity Gauntlet series and all the connected issues it took over during its course, showed several moments when Thanos went above and beyond anything that he did in Infinity War or Endgame, and those fans that have been reading the comics for years know what I’m talking about. There was no doubt that someone was going to get messed up in the fight against Thanos, but the manner in which the heroes met their demise in this battle was interesting, to say the least, and kind of horrific in several ways. 

The comics made the Infinity Gauntlet a long, drawn-out affair as one would expect, since the gathering of the stones and the reason for Thanos setting his plan into motion was a process that made it into the movie in a way but was far different. Many heroes fell during this series, and some of them were snapped away before the fighting could even begin. The fact that the MCU didn’t initiate the Blip, or Snap, whatever you call it, was interesting since it gave the appearance that there was still a chance to stop Thanos and that things weren’t looking grim already. When the comic series really kicked off, half the universe was already gone, as Thanos was attempting to court favor with Lady Death. 

Trying to imagine Disney giving the okay for even half of these death scenes is kind of laughable since the Mouse House wouldn’t have let a lot of them fly, especially given that they haven’t introduced a lot of the characters that went into the Infinity Gauntlet yet, and didn’t have the rights to several of them yet. But detailing how a lot of Marvel heroes met their (temporary) end is kind of interesting even if it does sound as though it would get a little gruesome. The fact that Disney allowed the scene in which Thanos rips the Soul Stone from Vision’s forehead was enough to think that they might go a little further, but remembering what happened in this series is enough to think that the corporation would have frowned on some of the scenes simply due to their graphic nature. For instance, instead of ripping his forehead open as in the movie, Thanos reached into Vision’s chest and yanked out his wiring and components, and he obliterated Wanda. The female titan that Thanos created to spite Lady Death when she spurned him, Terraxia, ripped Iron Man’s head off completely, while it was still in the helmet, and she even beat Spider-Man to death with a hunk of stone. 

Thanos’ kills were even more imaginative as following an attack from Wolverine that would have likely killed many other characters, Thanos willed Wolverine’s adamantium bones to become rubber, which no doubt led to a slow, excruciating death. He placed some type of growth on Namor and She-Hulk that eventually spread until it encased them entirely, suffocating both characters. On top of that, he created a containment cube around Cyclops’ head, which suffocated him as well. Thanos was on the ropes at one point when Thor came in and smashed the hell out of him, but the Asgardian was a little too slow to deliver the coup de grace and was turned into glass by a mere touch of the gauntlet. Nova tried to keep Thanos off of Thor, but the mad titan turned Nova into a spill of child’s blocks, Legos as some people are claiming, before stomping on them. He then busted Thor into pieces. This battle didn’t go well for the heroes obviously, since only a few of them, meaning those who weren’t a part of the melee, were standing at the end. The Silver Surfer nearly took the gauntlet from Thanos’ hand when he lined up to strike Captain America, after shattering his shield but missed.

A lot of fans know what happened then, as Thanos basically pimp-slapped Cap and put him down, unlike what happened in the movie. To put it simply, the Infinity Gauntlet series was brutal when it came to dealing with the heroes, and Thanos wasn’t nearly as bad in the movies.  In the movies, he was a calm and measured individual, but in the comics, he was an unstoppable madman that was beaten because of his arrogance and his inability to see every threat no matter how intelligent he is. In the movies, well, this kind of happened, but in a much different way. 

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