Fan Edit MCU Supercut Shows The Infinity Saga In Two Minutes

Fan Edit MCU Supercut Shows The Infinity Saga In Two Minutes

Fan Edit MCU Supercut Shows The Infinity Saga In Two Minutes

First and foremost it’s necessary to give props to Gugga Leunnam for the editing on this clip since it’s insanely impressive to see what kind of work went into this as each scene just flowed into the next. From that point it’s easy to be impressed as Christopher Fiduccia of Screenrant might agree since throughout the last twelve years the MCU has grown in leaps and bounds, putting out 23 movies and introducing the world to a live action version of several superheroes that until 2008 hadn’t really been given a great look on screen. Thanks to the continuing advance in technology and story lines that were compelling and stuck more or less to the origins that people remember, the Infinity Saga that took up the first few phases of the MCU has become one of the most popular epics ever made. It does feel fair to say that back in 2008 a lot of people might have thought that Iron Man was just the beginning of things, which was correct obviously, but they might have also thought that the Marvel universe wouldn’t have taken off in the manner it did since once Iron Man hit, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers weren’t too far behind. A lot of people are still griping about how Black Widow didn’t get her own movie soon enough, but few are even bothering to notice how Hawkeye didn’t get his own movie either. Funny how that works, yeah? Hulk also didn’t get another solo movie and it’s probably better that he doesn’t at the moment since Endgame unfortunately ruined Hulk’s character for a lot of people since they miss the savage that just liked to smash and would rather have him back than the intelligent and uber-sensitive guy that the last movie revealed.

If there’s any failing with the MCU at this point it’s that they’ve retconned a lot of the heroes and either lowered their power levels of increased them according to social influences that are currently demanding that certain things be observed and changes made to various characters to make certain that they can be who the studio wants them to be. Octavio Karbank of CBR has something to say about this topic. For instance, you probably wouldn’t see Carol Danvers and the Hulk square off against each other at the moment and if it happened, it’s likely that the MCU Captain Marvel would beat the living hell out of the Hulk, whereas in the comics, the Hulk has sent Marvel rocketing into the atmosphere with one hit. Thor has also been deprived of a lot of his lethal power as well, and even Iron Man has been limited, while Captain America is now strong enough to keep a helicopter from taking off by holding onto it while also holding on to the landing pad. There are a few characters that have been kept more or less as they are in the comics, such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Wanda, Vision, and several others, but it’s pretty obvious who the MCU has been pushing to be their star and who was supposed to take a back seat once they had already had their movies come and go. It’s easy to understand the need to keep certain heroes and villains from being too powerful, but it’s also a desire to see the heroes actually take after their comic book counterparts, in power level as well as attitude. This is what kind of makes some people wonder what’s going to happen when heroes such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four show up, since there are some teams in the Marvel universe that are too iconic to really mess around with, much as the Avengers have been for so long.

But things are changing, that much is a fact that can’t be denied since new heroes are coming to the big screen in the coming phases and people are going to be introduced to heroes that have been around for a while, both those they might know about and those that haven’t gotten a lot of play in the comics in recent years. It’s hard to know what the next big buildup is going to be about, or if there’s going to be one at this point since the Infinity Saga would be hard to top, but as of right now there are a lot of stories still incoming and while some of the heroes are bowing out after another one or two movies, there are many that are coming in to take over. Rick Marshall of Digital Trends has something to say about this. At this time it’s easy to think that some fans might actually take a break from Marvel and wait to see just whether or not this new batch is worth the effort, but there are undoubtedly many that are already chomping at the bit to see the next Marvel movie no matter how far they have to go to find an open theater.

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