Marvel Finally Moves Ahead on a Black Widow Movie

Ever since her coming out in The Avengers, Marvel fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow solo movie.  Despite being the MCU’s first female superhero, debuting over a half-decade before the DCEU’s Wonder Woman, she’s been relegated to a bit player inside of her larger franchise.  She was an undercover SHIELD agent in Iron Man 2, a sidekick in The Winter Soldier, a love interest in Age of Ultron, and a turncoat in Civil War.  Although she’s a rich and compelling character portrayed by an unimpeachable actress, Marvel has seemingly been uninterested in her as a solo property.

All of that, however, is about to change.  Although a Black Widow movie still hasn’t been officially greenlit by Marvel, the movie studio has done the next best thing.  They have officially hired on a writer to pen the script for her own movie: the first important step before her solo debut within the celebrated superhero mega-franchise.

Marvel Studios has officially hired Jac Schaeffer to write the film.  Although she is hardly a household name that most movie-goers would recognize, she is an esteemed talent in the film industry.  She has penned the 2014 Blacklist screenplay — that is, one of the industry-recognized best unproduced screenplays of that year — Nasty Women: an all-female remake of the 1988 crime comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  This also wouldn’t be her first job for Disney, who hired Schaeffer to write Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, the musical short that ran in front of Coco last fall.

Barring any unforeseen appearances in other Marvel movies, her solo movie will be Johansson’s eighth appearance as the former Russian spy.  In addition to her two Avengers appearances, two Captain America appearances and one Iron Man appearance, she is also scheduled to appear in Infinity War and its as-of-yet untitled sequel.  Despite being Marvel’s first female superhero to grace the big screen, her first solo outing will sadly come after Captain Marvel takes wing in 2019.

It’s honestly about damn time for Marvel to give this character her due on the big screen.  Appearing in seven other movies beforehand might seem like a lot, but it was always as second fiddle in another hero’s story.  She’s a riveting character with a fertile backstory and a complex shared universe to play in.  In every sense of the phrase, she’s a reverse James Bond, who seems infinitely more relevant to the 21st century than the Cold War-bred 007.

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