10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sharelle Rosado

You know her name because she’s now a reality television star on top of everything else she does. She’s Sharelle Rosado, the owner and broker behind Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida, and she is the new face of “Selling Tampa,” the sister show to “Selling Sunset” on Netflix. She’s the woman behind the show, the woman behind her business, and she’s already killing it. The show is something fans are loving, and fans want to know more about the woman who employs all these women from all these different avenues that came together because of their love of real estate.

1. She Employs Only Women

Her office is women-only, and she’s not ashamed of the fact that she’s has no men in the office. She enjoys what she does, and she likes having a team of like-minded individuals helping her out and making her business even more successful.

2. She’s Former Military

Before she got into the real estate game, she was in the military. She spent 13 years of her life jumping out of planes and into dangerous situations for a living. She is nothing short of a total bad you-know-what, and she’s not afraid of a few women or the business world.

3. She Served in Afghanistan

This is a situation that is a big deal, and she did it not only one time – but two times. She was deployed two times to the middle east, and she did it with ease. Those were likely not the best times in her life, but she did it without complaint and she made it out.

4. She is Engaged

She’s not married yet, but she is engaged to a man whose name you might recognize. His name is Chad Johnson, but we imagine it’s his nickname you know a little better. He is Chad Ochocinco Johnson of NFL fame. He went to the Pro Bowl 6 times, and he’s got his own success to add to his fiance’s.

5. She Got Engaged Quickly

When she and her fiancé met and began dating, they seemed to know right away that they were meant to be. They seemed to have a good time together, and he asked her to be his wife less than a year after he met her. She changed his life in the same amazing way that he changed hers.

6. She’s Having a Baby

She and her fiancé are expecting their very first baby together. She found out while the couple was in the middle of filming her new show, and she’s excited about it. It might be their first together, but it is neither of their first babies. Johnson has seven other children, and she has three other children of her own.

7. This Show Was Her Idea

When “Selling Sunset” came to Netflix, she had an idea. Her idea was to make a spinoff of the show featuring her own real estate company – so she went to Instagram and direct messaged the producer of Selling Sunset and Adam DiVello that she thought her brokerage was a success, it should be featured, and he liked it.

8. She is Young

You might think that a woman who spent 13 years serving in the military, was deployed to Afghanistan twice, is pregnant with her fourth baby, and runs a successful business all while being a reality television star might be a little bit older based on how much life she’s lived. You’d be mistaken. She is 34. She was born on October 16, 1987.

9. She’s a Southerner

She was born and raised in Georgia. She might not live there now, but you’re always at home in Georgia. She is currently based in both Tampa and Miami for her business. She spends time in both, and she’s successful in both.

10. She Has a Focus

It was 2019 when she chose to focus on opening her own brokerage, and she did so with one thing in mind. She was going to succeed. And, she was going to do so alongside other women. Her idea was to focus on and mentor women of color, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing since she opened her doors. She’s got a second office in Miami, and she is working at the moment on opening a brokerage in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is, essentially, a woman who is doing well every moment of every day, and it’s because she works hard on purpose to succeed. Cleary, she’s amazing, and we already adore her.

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