10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shanley McIntee

Shanley McIntee is a woman who became famous when she went on reality television. She’s starred in the hit MTV show “Are You the One,” where she looked for love in all the wrong places. She and her life are in the public eye, but it seems that many of her fans still don’t know that much about her. We think it’s time to stop wondering about her life and actually find out what is going on with her. Did she find love? Is she happy? What is going on, and will we continue to see her on television?

1. She Moves Fast

One thing that her fans know about her is that she’s a fast mover. She has a very open feeling about love and all that it entails, and she’s got a very free spirit in her manner of thinking. Basically, she falls hard and fast and then realizes things aren’t right. She usually goes too fast, and this is what’s caused her so much misfortune in her love life.

2. She’s from Indiana

She even went to college here. She attended Indiana University, where she earned herself a reputation for being someone people don’t take too seriously. By people, we mean the guys she dated. They had a difficult time taking her seriously because she was so fast so quickly.

3. She Fell Hard for Someone Not Her Match

While she was hopeful she would be able to take things slow and get to know someone before falling in love, she did not. She and Chris Tolleson were quick to become attached at the hip. They were together all the time, he bailed on other girls who were his match to spend time with her, and they both agreed that they were in love and when ‘you know, you know,’ as it happens.

4. Long Distance Broke Them Up

Most people were quick to think that they would get engaged and be together forever based on their undying love for one another on the show, but they broke up. It turns out that commitment is difficult when you don’t live near one another, and it was their long-distance relationship that ended things for them.

5. She’s an Influencer Now

Perhaps she did not find love on national television, but she did find some celebrity status. People know who she is, so she’s been able to gain followers on social media. This means she’s been working as a social media influencer. She has a few collaborations on her page, and she’s got more than 145k followers at the moment.

6. She’s in Her 30s

Shanley McIntee is no longer a 20-something looking for love in all the wrong places. She’s a 30-year-old woman trying to make a living. She was born on January 16, 1990, and that means she’s about to turn 31 after Christmas 2020 is over. Hopefully, she can celebrate a little without so many restrictions in many areas of the country.

7. She’s Got a New Look

When she was on the reality show when she was younger, she definitely had a softer look. She was lovely, of course, and she still is. However, she still had the look of someone young and innocent. She wasn’t in quite the shape she is now, and she had long, dark hair. Now she has short hair, cropped well above her shoulders, and she likes to dye half of it one color and leave the other half dark.

8. She Got Some Tats

Another major difference between Shanley from reality television and Shanley from right now is that she’s definitely decided to get some tattoos. She’s got many on her body now, and it’s a huge change for her compared to what she looked like when she was looking for love. She didn’t have any we could see back then, and now she’s got many.

9. She’s Confident

One thing we learned from checking out her social media pages is that she is a confident woman. She is not afraid to take an artistic photo wearing nothing but her underpants. Her captions are filled with confidence, and she clearly feels comfortable in her own skin.

10. She Doesn’t Say Much

Despite the fact that she is an influencer whose life we get to look into regularly, she doesn’t give too much away. We don’t know what she ate for breakfast, who lives with her, what she’s doing with her personal life, who she is dating, etc. She keeps things to herself, and that’s a great thing for her to do.

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