Could Eywa be a Celestial Like Ego?


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Giving credit to a planet that self-regulates is all well and good in the movies since it brings to mind the many beliefs that there is a spirit that governs the world and that it keeps everything in balance and maintains the equilibrium of all living things that depend upon it. Eywa does this for the Na’vi in Avatar, but when one takes a look at this, it’s easy to see how Eywa is like another presence that shakes off what doesn’t work for it and treats invading organisms as a threat when awakened and seeks to take care of the many creatures that make up its natural appearance. There’s a lot more to it than that, but the fact that the Na’vi all worship and pray to Eywa makes it clear that the Great Mother is a spirit that they all cling to and hang their beliefs on when it comes to their everyday lives. But that begs the question as to whether or not Eywa is a completely self-aware organism or a gathering of impulses that have gained sentience and acts in accordance with the needs of the planet but can’t form singular thoughts and perform actions without working through the many species of Pandora. In other words, is Eywa like Ego, who can come and go as he pleases while appearing in one form or another? Or is she simply a set of impulses that mirror the Na’vi and responds to their needs? 

credit: Avatar

If Eywa were a Celestial, her connection and involvement would make sense. 

Taking a look at how Ego from the MCU works and how the connectivity between his creations and his core self operates, it feels as though Eywa would be the same, especially since the Na’vi are said to all worship the same source. One of the only major differences is that it doesn’t appear that Eywa is ready and willing to appear to her followers in a recognizable form other than what they deem her will. Ego is all about showing people who he is, as his name pretty much says who he is and what he’s all about. If Eywa were a Celestial she would be an outlier since she’s all about caring for those that reside within her domain and is more about balance than anything, no matter how cruel such a thing can be at times. 

There’s no doubt that Eywa would be seen as a benevolent Celestial. 

This would be awkward since it’s not common to see such beings in the Marvel Universe. But in the Avatar franchise, it would appear that this would be another example of how the universe does have balance to it and how the rest of the universe can be quite cold and unforgiving. The nature of the Avatar movie made it clear that while Eywa is all about caring for her people and every living thing on her surface, she’s not averse to letting her lands be plundered either since the chance to expel the intruders was there from the start, but there was apparently no violent uprising of wildlife that was experienced before the events of the movie. At least, there’s no record of such a thing happening that anyone knows about. Strangely enough, this also shows balance, since nature is not a finely-tuned machine and does go out of whack sometimes, only to set itself right again. Eywa’s help in the battle made it clear that she had opted to help out, but it could be argued that it was the threat of turning into a dead world, meaning the act of self-preservation, that would have spurred her to action. That sounds more like Celestial behavior. 

credit: Avatar

It does feel as though Eywa might be a collection of memories that were stored generations before and have founded the belief system that the Na’vi use. 

Eywa might be a singular spirit that is connected to everything, but it kind of feels as though this might not have been how she started her long, long life as the spirit of Pandora. Perhaps the Na’vi have been around for so long that their ancestors became a part of the planet, creating a flood of spirits that would eventually be guided by a singular goal to preserve and protect the planet. Just think of it, the idea that before Eywa, the Na’vi was just as closely knit as one community after another, but at some point, their ancestors became a singular being that sought to protect those who came after and revealed themselves as a single deity that controlled everything. 

Unlike Ego, it would appear that Eywa is content to use the world around the Na’vi to communicate in a very obscure manner. 

This point is kind of obvious since Eywa is all about keeping her people and the ecosystem safe and maintaining a healthy balance that takes care of everything and everyone. Ego was without a doubt a self-serving creature, but Eywa would appear to have transcended the need for self-preservation in all but the direst of situations. 

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