10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ari Shaffir

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ari Shaffir

Nowadays, people are censoring whatever they post on the internet or sing in their songs because one word can leave you branded as a homophobic or racist person. Ari Shaffir is one comedian who does not mind being labeled any ugly names. He has made his name talking about sex, religion, and many other touchy subjects. Let’s learn more about the man who was once suspected to be gay due to his tweets.

1. What he hates in ethnic comedy

Ari has an air of arrogance around him, believing that he is the best, and the rest should follow suit. He, therefore, keeps addressing stereotypes and hates that people can laugh at the comedian instead of the joke itself. When asked if such a scenario has ever happened to him, Ari was quick to say it only occurs to dwarf comedians, notably gay and Arab comedians. He said such comedians will have everyone laughing, but they are not laughing at the joke but the crazy characters on stage.

2. He stumbled into fame

Sometimes you do something not knowing the impact it will have on your life, and that is what happened to Ari Shaffir. As a standup comedian, Ari loves joking a lot, and when he hurled racist insults to people on the streets while being recorded on secret cameras, he was an instant hit. “The Amazing Racist” viral videos catapulted the man to fame. Having realized that he could climb much higher on the ladder, he decided to start touring with Joe Rogan.

3. He was a Jewish seminary student

Ari was not that bright student whose parents expect straight As. Therefore when they pushed him to join seminary school, it was a much better option. He appreciates the Talmud teachings that sharpened his mind saying it enabled him to analyze the world in a way that he did not get in other schools. According to him, the seminary education helps him to look at things from a different perspective; breaking them down and understanding the fine details.

4. He is the founder of Shroomfest

Ari and his friends used to spend the 5th of July at one of the friend’s grandmother’s house in Malibu. To them, the 4th of July was customary, so they were trying to be unique. Consequently, they went out high on mushrooms, and before they knew it, the event had gained a following. The festival is held every year but not on the 5th of July. Instead, they go as per the lunar calendar waiting for the full moon, usually in July and August. The Shroomfest became an official event in 2008, and Ari has observed it in various countries, including Scotland and Canada.

5. He is usually high when on stage

Many comedians who would be successful today have died due to addiction to drugs and alcohol. Sam Kinison, Chris Farley, and Mitch Hedberg had significant substance abuse issues, and their jokes remain their legacies. Ari, however, does not seem to mind doing drugs. Although he does not reveal to Austinist what drugs he prefers, Ari admits to being high most of the time when he performs. He prefers taking the drug 45 minutes before going on stage so that it does not affect his performance. Ari has become so addicted that his tolerance is quite high.

6. His humor has led to threats

You cannot influence how a person reacts to whatever you say. Even if you try explaining what you mean, a person will only react depending on what he understands. Ari has made a reputation for incorporating racist and sexist remarks in his jokes. While some may find it funny, others take offense and threaten the comedian. At first, Ari feared for his life but since he realized that is his way of delivering humor, he has not given it much thought for over a decade. He now expects someone to be outraged since comedy is not for everyone.

7. He does not believe in God

People have fought for the freedom of worship, leading to various religions. While Buddhists do not believe in a personal god, Christians believe in high power, God. Despite being raised in a Jewish family that professes the Judaism faith, Ari has strayed from that belief. He does not believe in God, and it is the main reason why he dropped out of seminary school. He opines that since there is no proof in God, it is up to one to choose whether to believe in Him or not, so he chose the latter.

8. He does not approve of Celine Dion’s interest in restaurant operations

Ari is not shy to talk about what excites him and what pisses him off. Therefore when asked about his sandwich on Vice, Ari said the smoked meat was superb. He added that Celine should stick to singing since she knows nothing about running a restaurant, probably comparing it to a meal he had at Schwartz. Celine Dion partly owns Schwartz after she and her late husband reportedly paid $10 million for their stake in the business.

9. He is poor with birthdays and holidays

If you are thinking of having Ari as your boyfriend or husband, you might want to reconsider unless you do not mind being alone during holidays and birthdays. Ari does not see the big deal about celebrating birthdays and holidays. Once when asked about going to see his mother on Mother’s Day, he was not sure if he would travel to spend the day with her.

10. The Jew he most idolizes

Ari seems to have double standards. One minute he does not believe in God so much that he drops out of seminary school; the next, Ari is sharing names of who he thinks are cool Jews. He even admits to practicing Jewish customs. All the same, Ari revealed that he thinks the late Leonard Cohen was a cool Jew because he kept his name despite the fame. He added that Bob Dylan is a sell-out because he changed his name.

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