Will Smith’s Comeback is Not Complete

Will Smith’s Comeback is Not Complete
Will Smith’s Comeback is Not Complete

credit: Emancipation

Will Smith’s comeback is not complete, not yet. Many are no doubt wanting to see his name at the Academy Awards in 2023, and it’s likely to happen. But some still question whether it should after his disgraceful act, which many still recall. 

Smith has indeed apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him. It’s also true that he’s sorry for what he did. But as it happens with many people who lash out in anger, many believe this doesn’t negate the action. Some might even think he shouldn’t be a part of the Oscars. 

That’s already going to happen since Smith is not allowed to attend the ceremony. But it’s still possible for Smith to receive a nomination. Emancipation, his latest project now streaming on Apple TV Plus, has gained the interest of many fans. 

On top of that, many fans of Smith have already forgiven him for the act he committed against Rock. In all fairness, the act was committed, and it’s over and done with, meaning it’s no longer as important. But Smith’s reputation is still spotty considering that the act was unprovoked, as many still believe. 

Will Smith’s Comeback is Not Complete

credit: Emancipation

Fans have taken to following Smith again 

Younger fans have continued to follow Smith again and are willing to look past the Oscars slap. Not everyone is quite as forgiving, but it does sound as though Smith’s fan base has not abandoned him. This is why Will is still a part of many discussions. 

Of course, the Oscar slap will remain a point of interest for a while. Triumphs and failures tend to stick out when it comes to Hollywood. But moments that people can gossip about depend upon the willingness of fans to keep talking. As of now, it feels as though the Oscar slap is dying down. 

The punishment that was handed down divided fans in a big way. Many agree that Smith acted hastily and without good sense. Others think Chris Rock might have spoken out of line, but the consensus is that Smith overreacted. 

Trying to determine who is right is a matter of opinion. At this point, it feels as though Smith has paid his penance. But letting him back into the Oscars is enough to get people talking. 

Smith’s reputation is hard to negate

Will’s reputation as an actor saves him since he has been a big part of Hollywood for a while now. The fact that he has reached elite status and created several larger-than-life roles is one of the few saving graces he has. People have loved Smith since his days as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and have followed his career with a great interest for years. 

Because of this and his apology, it’s fair to think that people will continue to follow him. One mistake after years of being so impressive doesn’t negate a person’s reputation. The fact that many people turned on him so quickly proves that many fans are extremely fickle. 

Will Smith’s Comeback is Not Complete

credit: Emancipation

Emancipation could earn Smith a convincing nomination

The movie hasn’t gained overwhelmingly positive reviews, but it comes off as a powerful story based on a true story. Some might wish to criticize Smith for this role, but others are ready to praise him once again. 

The truth is that Smith has done enough in his career to become capable of taking a hit or two to his reputation. The slap at Chris Rock was ill-advised and unnecessary, but it was not the end of Smith’s career. Some no doubt thought it was and were waiting to see what would happen. 

As it happens, Smith is on his way back to prominence, as his hard work appears to have paid off. One claim that no one can make is that Smith gives up quickly. At this time, his efforts to win back the fans who might have turned on him. 

It’s very easy to say that Will harbors no ill will, as he’s taken responsibility for his actions. But it does feel that the fans need a reminder of how to forgive. 

Smith’s situation divides fans

One might feel it’s simple to forgive and forget, but many fans are still uncertain. Indeed, the Oscars have not seen a rise in popularity for a while. One has to wonder if Will’s possible nomination will drive more people away or bring more people back. 

At this point, many are ready to accept him back into the fold. But it also feels as though his nomination could spark controversy. His comeback isn’t complete yet, but it’s getting there. 

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