Are the Oscars Even Worth It Anymore?

Are the Oscars Even Worth It Anymore?

Are the Oscars Even Worth It Anymore?

This feels like an annual reaction to an award show that some feel is still worth the trouble and others feel is becoming more and more of a bad joke that has no fixed punchline, only a lot of buildup without any fitting reward. Year after year actors do the absolute best they can to win a golden statue and the favor of their peers and their fans. Some of them are genuinely grateful, others appear to be but might let that fame continue to go to their head. Without putting too much of this on the actors it’s fair to say that society does put a lot of expectations on those in the film industry, but the accountability that needs to be taken by those making the stories, those acting out the stories, and those that are essentially in charge of the entire process isn’t always as obvious as it should be. Otherwise, there might be no need to question this award ceremony, and there might be far less criticism of the award or even mention of the Oscar Curse that’s been discussed in the past. 

It’s fair to admit that people do enjoy being rewarded for their efforts in a profession, but when looking at what some of the top actors get paid, one might be able to convince themselves that getting to where they’re at would be the reward. When a person can start out making tens of thousands of dollars for an appearance in a movie and work their way up to millions on the basis that people like them, that feels like a very satisfying reward. It’s true, this isn’t where a lot of actors start out since they do need to work up to this level, but again, not seeing the good life as a reward enough makes those of us that watch and enjoy the movies wonder if anything could ever be enough, especially if making a living at something a person loves to do isn’t enough. The flash, the pomp, and the theatricality of the award show are all well and good since a lot of people enjoy it, but some still happen to think it’s a way for the stars to pat themselves on the back one more time in a way that feels more than a little extraneous

Some would love to claim that it’s jealousy, envy, or something similar that sparks such words, but instead it’s the idea that celebrities can’t go without the constant attention, especially since this is all about them and their accomplishments. One of the biggest reasons why downplaying the Oscars might be a bad idea is that apart from the actors there are other hard workers that aren’t always recognized or given enough credit since if one is being entirely honest, most actors can be replaced without too much difficulty, but the actors are always going to rely on the people that work behind the scenes to make them look good, or look better since the saying ‘it takes a village’ is quite accurate when it comes to making a movie. The thing is, while we do hear about those individuals now and then, and they do get called up to the stage for their own awards, they’re still given little of the glory and more of the headache when it comes to making the actual movie.

But this isn’t solely about the people behind the scenes either. What it’s really about is the fact that the folks in Hollywood appear to need this more than anyone, as the love for the Oscars has been dipping lower over the years, and the belief that the awards are becoming more of a joke is becoming a constant that many have been repeating over the years as things continue to change. From deciding which movies get nominated for Best Picture to the idea that not enough people of color are being represented in the selections, the award show has become less of a chance to judge and reward excellence, and more of an opportunity to show the world how woke Hollywood is continuing to become. When an award show is more concerned about being politically correct and making sure everyone leaves happy, then the meaning behind it has worn off and it becomes little more than a way for Hollywood to remind people over and over that it’s not about merit and doing a great job, it’s about placating people and keeping them happy. 

In reality, life in Hollywood likely isn’t fair, but then again neither is life outside of Hollywood. Most award shows have become little more than a chance for actors to stand up and give a speech, thank a few people, and then jet back home to their lavish homes, which still feel like an ample reward and worth more than a small golden statue. Let’s put it this way, if making millions isn’t enough and another form of gratification is needed, then there are bigger issues at hand. 

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