10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dillon Windvogel

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dillon Windvogel

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dillon Windvogel

Dillon Windvogel is an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood. He’s most known for his roles in Blood & Water, Bhai’s Cafe, and Arendsvlei. Windvogel is still making a name for himself, and we’re probably yet to see him in new roles.

Blood & Water features some well-known names, such as Gail Mabalane and Khosi Ngema. But Windvogel is still one of the lesser-known actors from the show. So here are ten things you didn’t know about him.

1. Dillon Windvogel is From Cape Town

Windvogel was born on the 1st of November 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a Boer and of Afrikaans descent. Most of his projects were shot in home town, such as, for example, his biggest hit so far, Blood & Water.

2. Blood & Water Is His First Netflix Original Series

blood and water dillon windvogel

Windvogel is not new to television series, having landed roles in Arendsvlei, a family drama also about teenagers. He also is known for being in Bhai’s Cafe. However, as much as these productions have helped give him a place in the acting world, being on Blood & Water will catapult him to fame. It is the second African original show to be on the streaming service, and so far, it has climbed to the Top 10 chart across many countries.

3. He is Not Stuck in His Biggest Role

An actor can be involved in theater, film, and television, but only one role will make him famous. Take, for instance, Matt LeBlanc, best known for playing Joey on Friends. Unlike his other co-stars who moved on to make a name for themselves in other shows, LeBlanc was stuck in that character and even reprised his Joey character in Joey, but it did not cut it for fans. On the other hand, Windvogel, despite being in other shows and movies, playing Wade in Blood & Water is what has made him famous. In the series, he is the headmistress’s son and has a crush on the main character, Puleng.

4. He Went to Belhar High School

He is an actor and a dancer, which are skills he learned while attending Belhar High School. In a post made by the dance department, Windvogel was said to be a drama and dance learner, so it is no wonder that he got to be in DanZ. The school offers dance and drama as a subject, and Windvogel had shown the potential to be an actor; hence his teachers pushed him in the right direction. The actor graduated in 2017, joining the list of other famous alumni, such as Kim Engelbrecht, who stars in The Flash.

5. Dillon Windvogel Made His Debut When He Was in Grade 12

blood and water dillon windvogel

According to Find Local, he made his debut when he was a student at Belhar High School in the 12th grade. The school’s dance department announced that Windvogel had a leading role in DanZ, which would serve as his TV debut. The show was produced by Gambit Films and was set in Cape Town in the Cape Flats.

6. He Found Television Acting to Be Different From Theater

Transitioning from theater to television can be difficult for some actors since, as Windvogel said, everything is captured on camera, even the slightest movement. Therefore, he found it very different from the training he had received from drama classes. Still, other performers feel that theater gives them more pressure to get it right since they are performing in front of an audience, and they have to be ready to improvise.

7. He Was Asked to Audition For DanZ

While in Belhar High School, Dillon Windvogel was a young performer known to be destined for greatness. Even the school’s art department head, Faisa Jaftha, knew the actor had the potential, and all he needed was the platform to showcase his talents. Therefore when Windvogel was in grade 10, he was asked to audition for the role of Ashwin, which he booked.

8. Everyone Knew He Would Be a Star

dillon windvogel instagram

There is that person people look at, and they know he will be famous, while others are told they will never amount to anything. Ronan Keating, for instance, was told he could not sing, and even the producer of Boyzone wanted the band to dump him, but Keating decided to prove them wrong. On the other hand, Windvogel was the kind people knew his star would shine brighter with each passing day. Paxton Fielies, an Idols’ contestant, sent Windvogel to work with a prominent director, Ephraim Gordon, based in Cape Town. At the time, Windvogel was in ninth grade, and when he was in grade 11, he had already shown what he was capable of, and Fielies was satisfied that he fulfilled his potential.

9. Dillon Windvogel Auditioned for Noem My Skollie

Before making his acting debut in DanZ, Windvogel had tried his luck by auditioning for a role in Noem My Skollie in 2016, but he was not successful. The film is about four friends that form a gang, and the main character ends up in prison, but his storytelling skills help him overcome the harsh life of imprisonment. The film served as the debut feature movie for Daryne Joshua, a filmmaker in South Africa. During the 89th Academy Awards, it was nominated for the best foreign-language feature film.

10. He is a Private Person

Windvogel does not like to overshare, and his social media is only for letting us know about his professional work. There are no details about his family, his dating life, or even his social life. It is hard even to know what he does besides filming because, on his Instagram page, all we see are posts reminding us of his past work and a few posters of his current series, Blood & Water.

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