Frank Grillo Talks About the Sixth Purge Movie

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The Forever Purge was supposed to be the last movie. It should be possible to state that if the Purge no longer has a set date and time, it should have reached a critical point, making it a continual nightmare, not just a part-time thing. But it sounds as though director James DeMonaco is confident that he has one more movie left in the tank and can bring the story home in a manner that will leave people content that the story has been told. How to expand on the Forever Purge is still an odd idea, but the truth of it is that a lot of people would be glad to see another movie so long as it can continue the story and create a fitting final chapter that might cough up one convincing adventure through a nightmarish land that used to be the land of the free and land of the brave. Frank Grillo portrayed Leo Barnes, who would eventually become the new Director of the Secret Service. It was easy to dismiss Grillo’s role early on since the first Purge movie he starred in felt like a less-than-worthwhile sequel to The Purge and wasn’t exactly taken seriously. Seeing as how the story has lasted this long, though, it’s straightforward to see that people were willing to stay the course. 

credit: The Purge

Frank Grillo is down to make another Purge movie

Grillo isn’t shy about the desire to make another movie, as he’s ready to step back into the role of Leo Barnes before he heads off to the nursing home in his words. That’s kind of an odd statement since he’s been tearing it up on the big screen and streaming between one role and another over the last decade, and it’s fair to say that he has plenty left in the tank as well. It seems Grillo has managed to get even more popular as he’s grown older, but the idea is that, yes, he probably needs to do as much as he can before the clock keeps running out as it does on everyone. It’s tough to believe that he starred in Warrior with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton a while back, but the difference in his appearance is like night and day compared to now. But if anyone can help add the final chapter to this franchise, Grillo would be high on that list. 

The main point of another movie couldn’t really be to get America back

This would be a seriously ambitious goal since, in the last movie, America is essentially lost as the need to go south becomes paramount to the main characters. This next movie would have to be somewhat similar to the last one; at least, that appears to make sense, as Leo Barnes and whoever is with him would need to find their way to the border. Whether Leo would make the trip the final time is hard to say since with this being the absolute last movie, maybe, it’s fair to think that Leo might see this as a one-way trip that could allow him to go out in a blaze of glory while doing the most good. That sounds a little dark, but then again, the whole Purge idea is quite dark since the idea of being able to commit a crime without any repercussions is something that, in the real world, would be incredibly enticing to a lot of people. 

credit: The Purge

Getting out of America appears to be the best idea

As the Purge went along, it became obvious that America was going to become a wasteland that could no longer support the rule of law and would eventually become a nightmarish version of the old west. At this point, simply getting out of the USA would be the easiest way to go, but trying to get as many people out would no doubt still be a goal. At this time, it doesn’t sound as though DeMonaco and Grillo have much to say about the next movie other than the fact that they’re trying to speak with Universal so that the attempt can be made. 

The development of this movie should be interesting

Given that this is supposed to be the last movie, it feels like it should be given a sendoff that’s nothing short of impressive and explosive. There’s no need to show a Mad Max version of the USA, but it would be useful to show how even the lawless might need to section the landscape into different areas of influence. If this actually turned out to be the last movie, which is debatable since the Forever Purge was meant to take that honor, then it needs to go out with more than a bang. It needs to go out with a resounding BOOM. 

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