10 Things You Didn’t Know about Neekolul

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Neekolul

The internet has become the means of earning money for most people, and some like PewDiePie have net worths of millions of dollars. Neeko Lul may also be heading to such prosperity after releasing a video that has the “Ok Boomer” meme. The 22-year-old was not expecting to become an overnight celebrity, but now that she is, she wants to ensure that she remains top of her game. Learn more about her through the facts detailed below.

1. She loves playing video games

Among all her hobbies, her favorite is playing games. She was turned on to video games at seven years old, and her passion for playing has been growing from strength to strength. Therefore if she is not doing her chores or streaming videos, you will most likely find her playing “Dead by Daylight,” “Oxygen Not Included,” and “League of Legends.”

2. She likes watching basketball

When Neeko is not playing video games, her next activity on her to-do-list is to watch basketball. She does not disclose if she prefers watching it in the comfort of her home, but what she is clear about is her allegiance to Dallas Mavericks. The fact that she lives in Texas could have played a part in making her choose the basketball team as her favorite.

3. She has always wanted to be a social media influencer

Neeko has been trying to be noticed on social media for a long time but never had a large online presence. Therefore although she continued posting and streaming content, it was for fun, but she still had a dream to pursue it as a career. It was, however, heartbreaking that none of the videos was going viral, and she subsequently did not see the point of venturing in TikTok.

4. She did not expect her video to go viral

Once you get used to a specific pattern, you realize chances of change are slim to impossible. Consequently, since Neeko had been posting for long without anything attracting a considerable reaction, she resigned to posting for fun. At first, she did not even have the confidence to post videos in TikTok, but once she got the hang of it, she wanted to do more because it was fun. When her video went viral, she was surprised but still excited since, for once, her content had appealed to the masses; she was expecting it to get the usual minimal reaction.

5. How she was inspired to create “Ok Boomer.”

Neeko had not planned on making the video. The idea came to her when she was watching a TikTok video making fun of “boomers.” She figured that with the political temperatures in the U.S, a Bernie Sanders reference would be ideal, and since she had bought a Bernie Sanders t-shirt, she was good to go. Therefore she cropped the t-shirt for a cuter look and used the “Hit or Miss” video for inspiration.

6. Her viral video has affected her following on social media

When Neeko began streaming on Twitch, her online presence was weak, although she spent a lot of time trying to grow it. Nevertheless, she was determined to be well-known someday, so she branched out to Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and that resulted in her online presence growing. Still, the numbers were not impressive, but the minute her “Ok Boomer” video went viral, the numbers increased. As she revealed, her Instagram grew by 11 times, and Twitter increased by 14 times while TikTok numbers tripled. Before becoming popular, her content averaged 75-120 concurrent viewers, but the figure has grown to 1,500 concurrent viewers. According to Fandom, by March 9, 2020, Neeko had 39,900, 51,300, and 153,900 followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, respectively. As of March 25, 2020, she had 158,000, 103,714, and 140,100 followers on Instagram Twitch and TikTok, respectively.

7. She likes showing off her body

They say if you have it flaunt it and Neeko knows what a beautiful body she has and is not afraid to show it. In nearly all of her Instagram posts and TikTok videos, one thing is constant; her blouses are either low cut or unbuttoned to show off her cleavage, and they are never long enough to cover her belly. In case she wears a shirt that covers her tummy, she ensures it has buttons so she can unbutton it and reveal her flat stomach.

8. She lost followers on Twitch after saying she had a boyfriend

There is nothing as frustrating as treating a girl so well, thinking you might win her over only for her to tell you she is in a relationship; you feel like you wasted your efforts. Although no one was trying to be Neeko’s boyfriend, the new trend of men being “simps” was at first to her advantage before becoming to her detriment. People followed her maybe because of her beauty and political stance, but the minute she said she has a boyfriend, they unfollowed her. The social media influencer, however, insists there is nothing wrong with worshipping a girl.

9. She is germaphobic

In a Twitter post, Neeko disclosed that anyone who has known her for long knows that she is a germaphobe. Her fear of germs dates back to when she was in fifth grade and saw a boy put his hand in his pants to scratch his groin. From then on, Neeko had to take multiple showers in a day and wash her hands compulsively. Well, now that coronavirus demands excessive hygienic standards, she must not be having a hard time like the rest of us who are not used to extreme sanitization standards.

10. She initially wanted to make YouTube videos

With a mindset of becoming a social media influencer, Neeko was convinced the best way was to post videos on YouTube. However, she was a full-time college student, and that took up a lot of her time, leaving her with almost none to make her videos. Luckily her friends knew of Twitch; thus, they told her to try streaming in the platform.

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