Scarlet Witch Could Beat Superman

Scarlet Witch was originally going to survive The Snap in Avengers:  Infinity War

credit: MCU

There are a lot of scenarios to consider when talking about which hero could take on another hero, especially between DC and Marvel. One thing about DCs heroes is that quite a few of them are so insanely overpowered that trying to come up with any way to defeat them appears to be impossible since they’re made to evolve to take down any threat that they might encounter. But there are times when it’s a little too tough to defend certain heroes because of the weaknesses that have been added to keep them at least a little balanced.

In this case, pitting Scarlet Witch against Superman, it is possible to hear that Superman would blitz Scarlet Witch and take her out of the fight before she could even access her Chaos Magic. He is quick, he is strong, and in a fight without her magic, it’s true, Wanda would fall quickly and have no chance to even think of entering the fight if Superman knew enough about her. But even armed with that knowledge it feels likely that the man of steel wouldn’t stand much of a chance if Wanda was even a little bit angry since her magic comes to her beck and call rather quickly when needed, and unless she were to enact a spell that required a great deal of study and time to finish, Superman wouldn’t stand much of a chance. 

Henry Cavill confirms his return as Superman | CNN

credit: Man of Steel

Superman is notoriously weak to magic. 

This has been true for a long time now since the man of steel is insanely strong, quick, intelligent, and this and that and the other thing, and yet he has a couple of glaring weaknesses that could give a lot of Marvel characters a chance to bring him down in a very easy manner.

His susceptibility to magic and to mind control kind of go hand in hand since addling his wits and confusing him long enough to bring another series of effects upon him would be a thing of ease for Wanda since she’s one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe and could easily take on several characters in the DC Universe. Taking on Superman would be a matter of flicking her fingers and choosing what magical attack she wanted to affect him with. 

This fight would depend on who could react first. 

This is where Superman’s speed would come into play in a big way since the guy can move just as quickly as the Flash, and many would state that this would be enough to give him the edge on Wanda and eliminate her threat quickly and without effort. Considering that this match would be to the death, and without morals, it’s already been seen that Superman would be as ruthless as he could be. But would that be enough to give him the edge against Wanda? Considering his speed and that all she has to do is think of what she wants, it’s fair to think that this would be tough to decide since, up close, Wanda has no chance. But with a healthy distance, or if Clark has no idea what she’s about to do, then the fight is over before it begins. 

Is the Scarlet Witch Good or Bad? 'WandaVision' Leaves the Door Open

credit: MCU

Both combatants have a wide variety of ways to dispatch each other. 

Both combatants have powers aplenty, and in a physical sense, Superman is superior in a lot of ways. But Wanda’s magic is so potent that Superman can be shut down quickly and without any hint of remorse. Like it or not, Wanda is not a stable person at the best of times, and if she’s in bloodlust and has no moral center during the fight, it’s going to be a very bad day for Superman since the various magical attacks that she could unleash could assault him in so many ways that the man of steel might not even know what hit him before he was flattened and scattered into atoms if Wanda desired. There are powers that the Scarlet Witch possesses that haven’t been highlighted in the MCU as of yet, but they’re powers that could easily remind Superman what the cold chill of death feels like yet again. 

Wanda just has to speak a certain phrase, and Superman would be done. 

Remember when Wanda said, “No more mutants.”? Imagine her saying such a thing to Superman, but with a different wording, of course. What about “No more Clark Kent.” or “No more Kryptonians.” or something similar that was specific to Superman? It does feel likely that the writer who took charge of this fight, if they were a writer for DC, would extend Superman’s plot armor to negate any attempt to erase him from existence. But in a fair and even fight, Wanda’s arsenal of magical abilities would overwhelm Superman without much difficulty. 

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