A Super Beatdown: Superman vs. Homelander vs. Brightburn vs. Sentry

A Super Beatdown: Superman vs. Homelander vs. Brightburn vs. Sentry
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There are a lot of opinions on who can beat who when it comes to the heavy hitters in the comics, movies, and on TV, and as such, this idea of who would win between Superman, Homelander, Brightburn, and Sentry could turn into a huge argument since a free for all between these four would no doubt cause an untold amount of damage, but it would also create a lot of arguments that wouldn’t end for a while. There are bound to be plenty of individuals who will state the reason why one or the other will be victorious, why this could happen and that couldn’t, and so on. But the thing is that each one of these individuals is super powerful and knows how to use their power to the greatest effect, which means that if the right circumstances occur, they could each be likely to walk away with a win. But the fact that Superman is in the mix makes it apparent to a lot of fans that the man of steel would be victorious more often than not. 

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Age and maturity do have to be taken into account in this fight. 

This might not appear to be something to take seriously, but the fact is that Superman had a great upbringing, and even Brightburn had a good life up until he realized he was from a different world. Homelander and Sentry might not have had the best lives, which could explain why their mental state is slightly off-kilter, though it does feel that Sentry is far superior to Homelander in this regard. Being strong, indestructible, and having the kind of powers that can lay waste to an entire world doesn’t mean much if your mental state isn’t secure. A person with average to superior intelligence can often find a way to manipulate those who aren’t entirely stable, which means that Superman might be able to think circles around at least one or two of these opponents. But in terms of power levels, Superman would probably be able to smack Homelander around a bit. 

Homelander would be the first to be taken out of the fight. 

Between his vanity and his arrogance, Homelander isn’t much more than a super-powered villain that masquerades as a hero. His power is amazing, but his control issues make him more of a liability that could be exploited by Superman, who would likely rag doll Homelander. It’s already been seen that Homelander can be hurt, as Queen Maeve did this in the finale of the most recent season. It’s not easy, but for someone whose power levels can be boosted to greater heights, it’s fair to say that Superman would be able to take on and even take out Homelander if necessary. Brightburn would no doubt give Homelander something to think about, but it feels that Sentry could snuff Homelander out without too much of an issue. In other words, Homelander might be relegated to the kids’ table when it comes to fighting above his weight class, which Superman and Sentry certainly are. As for Brightburn, it’s likely that he could be a lot stronger if he grew to adulthood, but taking him on as a kid, it’s fair to say that he, too, would be quickly put in his place. 

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credit: Brightburn

It’s a matter of thinking about how each of the four would use whatever advantage they could to make this fight work in their favor. 

For Homelander and Brightburn, it feels likely that they would fall more often than not since they’re both copies of Superman. Yes, Sentry can be described as a copy as well, but the fact of his existence is that he’s not just a superhero since he harbors a very dark side to his person as well. The Void would annihilate all three of Sentry’s opponents without question simply because it could, but keeping this between Sentry and the other three would be the goal since it’s been noted that Sentry doesn’t like to simply release his darker half. But if such a thing was to happen, it’s very easy to think that the other combatants wouldn’t last long. Homelander couldn’t be relied upon to side with Superman or Brightburn long enough to take on Sentry or the Void, while Brightburn, who is quite powerful, is still inexperienced and most likely wouldn’t be allowed to flit about and inflict damage or try to, as he desired. While his blitz attacks might work against humans, it’s not likely that the other three would be taken down so easily. 

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credit: Marvel Comics

At the end of the battle, it feels as though either Superman or Sentry would be left standing. 

These are all heavy hitters when it comes to the powers they’ve displayed and the kind of damage they can do. But the difference is in how far each character is willing to go to be the last one left alive once all is said and done. Brightburn might actually try to take a powder after realizing that he can’t win since, as a kid, he’s still fearful enough of what he doesn’t know. That’s a theory, but not a sound one. Homelander would no doubt stubbornly refuse to go down, but he might make an escape as well to fight another day, while Superman and Sentry would probably stick around to end the fight. When the dust settled, though, only one of these two would remain. That feels like the most accurate answer. 

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