What Fast Food Mascots Would Look Like as Supervillians

You’ve got to hand it to Sillvi Studios since some of these pictures of fast food mascots are pretty accurate and they’re inclusion into the super villain genre is enough to give a person the chills the next time they step into one of these places. It might sound crazy (par for the course really), but this version of Wendy makes me think of the Princess ghost in 13 Ghosts crossed with Pippi Longstockings and Annie Wilkes with a very sexy vibe tossed into the crazy salad. There’s definitely something off about her, but it’s appealing in a way that reeks of danger and a certain allure that a lot of people probably couldn’t get over if they tried. That wild glint in her eyes, the knife in her hand, and obviously the pigtails are a big part of this imagining since it all come together in a redheaded nightmare that might make a person wonder just what square burgers are really made of. In a big way this is almost appears like something that might be more horror-based than anything else.

Here are a few other re-imagined characters that you’ll recognize and probably get a good chuckle out of.

This almost looks like what might happen if Pennywise and Ronald McDonald had a love child together, doesn’t it? Or maybe a mad scientist took DNA from Pennywise, Ronald, and the Joker to see what might come out the other side. Add in a touch of Frankenstein and that stitch on the neck might make a little more sense, but overall this is definitely a creepy-looking character that looks as though he might organize a psychotic band of thugs or try to kill the city of Gotham slowly, one calorie-laced, greasy handful of death at a time.

Tell me this doesn’t look like a twisted version of the Joker and Harley Quinn matchup and I’d gladly laugh and say you’re right, it’s worse. Wendy and Ronald are without a doubt far mroe dangerous in this pairing than anything that the clown prince of crime and his woman could ever dream up. Just imagine giving these two the intelligence and crazed, wild abandon of their obvious counterparts and what they could do with a fast food industry as their weapon of choice. Okay it sounds a little cheesy, but given the comic book nature of it there’s still a great deal of potential there.

Now this looks like a straight-up horror version of Jack since unless the artist was going for just any mask-wearing individual this is a little too much like Patrick Bateman meets Jason Voorhees with a dash of The Purge given the flamboyance of the overall look.

Does anyone else think “Cable” from this overall grizzled look that the Colonel is rocking? It’s almost as though a southern gentleman decided to loosen up his manner just a bit and become a well-groomed mercenary that happens to own a successful chain of fried chicken restaurants. Or maybe that’s just me.

I have to admit to never having been to a Jollibee, but after this presentation I might think twice because the original logo actually looks a little more disturbing than the image that the artist has displayed. Funny how a psychopathic character depicted in a picture can look downright innocent next to that smiling, cherubic face, isn’t it?

With the extra arms this character resembles the Hindu god Shiva a little more than she might anything from China, though there are plenty of deities to take from when it comes to religion and mythology and it could be that someone found inspiration within one pantheon or another for this particular image. However it does look as though she’s a bit more friendly than one might think since she’s not openly scowling and doesn’t look absolutely disturbing, other than the fire wreathing her shoulders and head.

Burger King gets a goth as their monarch, or so it appears anyway since this gun-toting ruler looks like he might seriously consider putting a round in anyone that questions his word. The stitches that accompany a few of these characters are kind of interesting since it gives a unique impression of each of them when it comes to their overall look.

Obviously the artist is into anime in a big way since one wouldn’t really think that Chick-fil-A would really inspire a fiery chicken-type villain that almost looks like a cross between a rooster and a phoenix, or even the X-Man Sunfire from the old comics. Look it up, you’ll see what I mean.

Yeah, just imagine this guy saying “Et tu Brute?” Brutus might actually be backing away rather quickly with this version of Caesar giving him the stink eye after being stabbed, as he looks as though he could take a few pinpricks and come back to deliver his own brand of justice.

Doe’s the Carl’s Jr. mascot look high to anyone else? Maybe the paint used to mark his face had a little somethin’-somethin’ in it, or maybe those two smokes in his mouth are filled with something a little more potent than tobacco. In any case the artist has done a great job with this and hopefully it won’t make anyone think twice about going out for takeout again.

Imagination is a great thing, even when it goes a little dark.

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