Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Corr

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Corr

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Corr

Ryan Corr is a guy that’s been around for quite some time really. He’s getting his acting chops the right way considering he’s been part of so many different projects and he’s becoming known very quickly as one of the top Australian stars that’s on the rise. His star is one of those that is currently on the fast track and is rising without any noticeable ceiling as of yet. He’s expected to be one of the most successful actors of his generation and is to date on the right path to attaining such distinction.

Here are a few things you might not have known about this up and coming star.

5. He started acting at age 13.

It’s not such a big thing to be a child actor in this day but it’s still impressive when a person doesn’t burn out by the time they’re in their twenties. Corr has been going strong now for well over a decade and shows no signs of letting up as he keeps taking on roles that can compliment his talents and pad his resume. He’s worked with some notable actors and actresses and done bit parts in several films.

4. He won the Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2011.

If nothing else proves that he’s ready for the big time this would. The Heath Ledger Scholarship was initiated not long after the famed actor’s passing and is meant to encourage young actors to fulfill their dreams and make a difference in the acting world. Ledger was deeply connected to the association that pushed forth the scholarship and it has since gone to those that are unique in some manner and deserving of such an award.

3. He experienced a bout of homophobia on the set of Holding The Man

It can’t be easy to do something that goes against your nature, but actors are expected to take on roles that are out of their comfort zones at times. This means that if you need to kiss a man on screen then you need to find a way that this can work or find another profession. Being an actor doesn’t always mean that life is going to be easy, but eventually Corr got over this little hump and reminded himself that in order to feel comfortable with a role you need to feel comfortable with yourself and your costar. Once he realized this there was no further problem.

2. He got involved in a brief drug scandal.

It was during a low point of his life that Corr got involved with heroin and was busted by the police. Considering that it was his first offense the cops went light on him and he hasn’t touched the stuff since. It’s easy to lose hope when things in your life aren’t going the way they need to, but hopefully this was an important lesson  for Corr about keeping his nose clean.

1. He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

One more mark in his favor is that he’s a graduate of the NIDA in Sydney. So he knows how to act and he knows how to hit his mark with great accuracy. He’s a true student of the craft and is no doubt going to make a lot of people proud.

The next generation is stepping up to the plate and are ready to play. Hopefully that means the future of cinema is in for something new and innovative.


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